Geeking by in April and May 2020
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I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to do any more double months again. This one for April and May 2020 was done intentionally though. I was busy with my 30 Day Star Wars Challenge so I decided it would be easier to just wait until the end of May/start of June to do the next update. Considering how busy I was it was a good call.

This update for April and May 2020 has ended up being more delayed than I planned though and I’ve already put steps in place to ensure that from now on my monthly posts won’t be as delayed. I’ll talk about that next month!

I’m also changing the layout up a bit so let me know what you think!

Geeking By in April and May 2020

Just going to be blunt here; April and May were not great. There have been some really sucky times over the last month and due to swapping from the contraceptive pill to the Depo injection, I’ve now got no idea what part of my cycle I’m on. I was prepared to have a period, installed an app on my tablet to keep track of it… and then no period for three months. I started to panic until I looked it up and apparently that’s totally normal! I confirmed that with my doctor and she’s like, yup, that’s fine! She’d warned me that the first few months can be rough, however, she admitted that she prefers to prepare people for the worst just in case.

So on the plus side, yey, and on the downside, it meant I went through a really bad time towards the end of May when I thought I was going absolutely bonkers. I eventually deduced it was hormones when I was in absolute agony one night. I never hit those pain levels unless I’m having a pain flare-up or it’s a bad PMT month. With all the other symptoms, migraines and mood swings, it was obvious what it was.

Otherwise mental health-wise I’ve just been trying to cope with everything happening with the pandemic. There’s a lot of anxiety and anger there, and I’m going to try to work out some of the anger and frustration through blog posts because I need a creative way to express how I’m feeling. Social media just isn’t the place. Seeing people claiming that the pandemic is a hoax, and then watching as it’s being relaxed in England (I’m in Scotland if you didn’t already know) to the point where the Government is sending the message that it’s safe for shielded/high-risk people when it’s really NOT is beyond infuriating. And that’s just a few things. You might have noticed that I’ve buried my head in blog work for the past few months; I’ve had to, it’s the only way I’ve been able to cope, to not self-combust.

Geeking By in April and May 2020

Physical health-wise everything has been pretty much the same as usual with the exception of my migraines. Due to the huge increase in noise with everyone being stuck at home their frequency increased to the point where I was having them every week, sometimes for days at a time so I spoke to my doctor about increasing my medication. I knew that this was doing to be difficult because last time we did she mentioned that I was hitting the limit of effectiveness However, she was willing to put them up a little bit more and I’m currently on a 2-week trial.

Geeking By in April and May 2020

April feels like such a long time ago that I actually had to go back and check what I wrote that month!

Seriously Geeky Sundays began and it has been such a lifeline for me. We’ve got a wonderful group of bloggers taking part each week and reading their answers every Sunday/Monday has been the highlight of my week. We’ve had some brilliant answers, especially when it came to creating a family in week 10. If you’ve not had a chance to check SGS out yet then take a peek at June’s questions to see the sorts of stuff we’ll be talking about this month! 🙂

In April I only managed to post a couple of things that weren’t SGS or my monthly update:

May was pretty much consumed by my Star Wars challenge and I didn’t get much of a chance to post anything else other than SGS. I made the mistake of trying to post for ME Awareness week and I was overly ambitious. I still need to finish my other two posts for that. The posts I get done were:

Geeking By in April and May 2020

In April we started playing Final Fantasy XIV which is my first Final Fantasy game. We’ve been hooked ever since! It’s a really intuitive MMORPG and while I think there’s way too much clicking in the UI in some places, it really feels like a game built by actual gamers. We sped through our free trial and ended up subbing pretty quickly. I have soo many screenshots because there are cinematics every 5 minutes!

Final fantasy XIV - My Character
Introducing Kaelea Allyn!
What I've been watching this month

The big thing for me in April was finally getting to watch the Crisis on Infinite Earths in Arrowverse! It FINALLY came to the UK. Oh my gosh, so many feels (read some of my thoughts here). These events just keep getting better and better, and I can’t wait for the next one. The Arrow finale was a gut punch but I’m really happy with how it was done, and despite the rocky road I had with that show over the years I’m going to miss it. Without Arrow, there wouldn’t be any of the other shows and it introduced us to so many great characters who are now going on to new things (ohmigosh JOHN – I think that was my favourite ‘change’ that happened at the end of the event). I am just so excited about all the new shows coming.

Due to the event, I started watching Batwoman and as expected loved it. However, now that Ruby Rose has essentially f**ked off I’m pretty peeved. She was apparently so excited about the role, such a big fan of the character and she’s just stepped away from it without any explanation. I can understand there being personal, health or legal reasons why she can’t say much but what she did say just feels like a total fob off.

Apparently, they’re not bringing in a new actress as Kate Kane, which makes me think something legal went down that is preventing them from doing that. They’re making a new Batwoman character who was influenced by Kate, creating another legacy hero. The problem is that Kate herself IS a legacy hero; she was inspired by Batman who as far as I’m aware (I’ve yet to finish season 1) is still AWOL. So now we have two members of the Bat-family AWOL? If they tie her absence into her cousin’s then it’ll be a great plot, but otherwise, it just feels like they’re using it as a useful excuse to avoid casting major characters.

In other TV news, I caught up with final series of The Librarians and ticked that off my list of TV shows I wanted to finish this year.  I caught up with Blue Bloods, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Crisis on Infinite Earths
Crisis on Infinite Earths finally came to the UK

We were able to catch up on some movies too and I finally got to watch Aquaman! It was so good! And wow, wasn’t it just visually stunning? The art team did such a brilliant job. We also watched Men In Black: International which we both enjoyed. It was new and still linked back to the original films. Then there was Pokemon Detective Pikachu which was absolutely brilliant, so much fun.

Geeking By in April and May 2020

Oh boy, I did a lot of comics reading in April and May and you can have this section to thank for this monthly update being so delayed! 😛

Following on from The Sandman Universe I’d just started Timothy Hunter and the Books of Magic when we last spoke at the end of March. I went through the multiple series of that, including Free Country: A Tale of The Children’s Crusade, The Books of Faerie, Hunter: The Age of Magic and The Names of Magic. What I liked about the Books of Magic comics was Tim gradually got older so you met him as a 10-year-old and then followed him up to about 17 years old.

Like the Sandman comics, there’s also a new Books of Magic series currently running so I caught up with that after reading the previous runs.  The only Tim Hunter comic I didn’t finish was Books of Magick: Life During Wartime which was way too dark for my liking and filled with drug use. While I can handle some drug use, the huge amount in this comic just felt like it had absolutely nothing to do with the story, and the story just dragged along so slowly. I gave it a fair shot and it just got nowhere.

Next, I dipped into other branches of the Sandman universe;

Lucifer Comic Series
Lucifer Morningstar

Then I got to Lucifer and if you’ve watched the TV show but never touched the comics, well, you’ll be in for a shock. They’re nothing alike. I was warned of this ahead of time, however, I was really surprised at how much so. I expected there to be SOME commonality. I mean, the Devil must become a detective in LA at some point right? NOPE. He goes to LA and that’s about it.

I can see why they left a lot of the comics out. I enjoyed them, however, what works well in comic format doesn’t necessarily translate onto the big screen. The comics are very metaphysical and honestly, I don’t see Hollywood being ready for most of the theological discussions in the comic books. If they’d followed the comics storyline most people wouldn’t be able to wrap their head around it and there would-be widespread Christian outrage. What I do think was a mistake was keeping the name Amenadiel as in the comics that character is Lucifer’s biggest rival, not his closest brother.

The original series enjoyable enough, however, it was the follow-up series written by author Holly Black that totally rocked my socks. It was so good!

The last Sandman connected comic I read was the current House of Whispers series which is written by the author Nalo Hopkinson. It’s a wonderful series featuring a diverse range of characters and is based on the Loa spirits of the Dreaming.

I’d pretty much had my fill of the Sandman Universe by this point at the start of May, and due to the pandemic, my usual DC titles were running slow. I started hunting around my library’s comic catalogue for some new material to read and came across some interesting comics that I really loved and recommend;

  • Satellite Falling – The story of the only human on a satellite and her fight to save her home.
  • Conspiracy of Ravens – A teenager inherits a mysterious locket and estate from an aunt and magical powers along with it.
  • Dejah Thoris: Soldier of Memory – Everything Dejah has ever known is thrown into chaos when her birthright is called into question.

I then started reading the Locke & Key series which has been on my TBR for about 5 years now ever since a friend from recommend them. Since it’s been made into a TV show I figured it was time to actually read them. It was slow to start with and then it ramped up. It’s definitely an interesting premise, although the comics are unnerving at times. Then it all made sense when I found out that they’re written by the son of writer Stephen King and his wife who is also a horror writer. If you ever wondered what that does to a kid’s imagination just read these comics… I also really didn’t appreciate one of the notes from the author which basically said ‘you’re just reading this now, well where have you been?’. It came off as extremely arrogant.

Most of my DC comics are a week/x weekly cycle, so I caught up on a few one-offs during the downtime. There was the Robin 80th Anniversary 100-page super spectacular which was pretty good. I just felt that it was a little unbalanced on how much time was spent on each Robin. They seemed to decide that amount of pages = length of time as Robin, so Dick Grayson got the biggest percentage which, don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, it just wasn’t fair. He was created many years before the others so of course, he’s been around longer. Speaking of Dick Grayson, Lost Carnival: A Grayson Tale is hauntingly lovely and beautifully illustrated and written. Well worth a read.

Then there were the DCeased one-offs; A Good Day to Die and Unkillables which were both fantastic. The entire DCeased series was absolutely brilliant, and I wish there was more of it.

Finally, in comic updates, I caught up with Star Wars Adventures which is a family-friendly comic series filled with mini-stories. Essentially they’re for kids, however, they’re really great and interesting stories which I really recommend if you’re a big Star Wars fan. They’re funny and tell you some really interesting facts such as what really happened to the Millenium Falcon and how Han lost it.

As you may have guessed I’ve mainly been reading comics 😛 With so many migraines happening books have been tough to read and I only managed two during these two months. The first took me forever to finish because I just wasn’t into the book despite being a fan of the series. Book 5 of the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent, Shift just felt clunky and too focused on drama than the rest of the series. There was some fantastic stuff happening in the book and it was just pushed to the background because of the drama.

The second, Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust, was a book courtesy of Netgalley and I’m working on a full review of it so I’m not going to say too much. It’s a fantasy YA novel based on Persian mythology about a girl who can’t be touched because her skin is poisonous. Look out for my review next week 🙂

What I've been doing this month

I had some major problems with my Pinterest account which I didn’t realise until a few weeks later and by that point my stats had started to sink badly. The Pinterest support team are still looking into it for me, while they seem to have sorted one part of the issue, it’s still ongoing. I went from 300+k monthly views down to 21k at the lowest. I’ve been doing a lot of work on it to reorganise it, updating boards, adding keywords and so on, to do as much as I can to help bump it back up.

I’m planning to retire my domain at the end of the year when it comes up for renewal so I’m beginning to swap everything over to this domain. The only website that really needs to move is my Screenshot Gallery and I’m splitting it down into three galleries under one content hub. There will be a scan/resource gallery, a video game screenshot gallery and then my humongous amount of World of Warcraft screenshots are getting their own gallery. That one is much needed. I’ve started the basic set up, next up is working out what order I want the albums to go in.

Those yummy looking squares are a result of my baking! I only ended up baking the one thing in April and May – 3 times lol. It was such a hit with Chris that it was requested multiple times. They are Nutella swirled peanut butter blondies based on this recipe. Instead of Reese’s Peanut Butter Chips, which we don’t get over here in the UK, I used peanut butter.

Now that our house guest has moved out we’ve got free space in our spare room again so we’ve been moving stuff about the house. I’m hoping to set up a specific space in there for photography and possibly art. I really need a place where I can take photos for my blog that has decent light and the cats aren’t interfering with what I’m doing.

Monthly Update: Over to You

This ended up getting posted later than planned so they’ll be a June one coming out pretty soon. I hope June’s going ok for you guys. How was April and May for you?

Geeking By in April and May 2020: It's a double feature monthly update as I jump back to April and May 2020! Comics, health, and Final Fantasy are just some of the topics I'm talking about.

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  1. April & May were actually very disturbing for all of us owing to the pandemic..However liked yours ..

    1. Author

      I’m really sorry to hear that Sankhamala, I hope June gets better for you.

  2. o(〃・◇・〃)ゞ April for me was pretty hard for me, it was a rollercoaster and I felt like I was possibly drowning. My saving grace was returning back to blogging and joining a discord I had been previously part of; May the tables turned as I started blogging, writing, and podcasting again. It’s been turbulent but better than where I was before ^_^.

    Also, I had no idea that Ruby Rose left Batwoman!? Wow, I’m surprised ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン

    1. Author

      *hugs* I’m really glad to hear that blogging has been able to offer you some solace and it’s great to hear May was a much better experience for you because of it <3

      Yeah, I was completely shocked as well when I first saw the headline. I was like, NO WAY. I expected some sort of drama and then there was no explanation at all. I just hope the show doesn't tank entirely because of what they're planning to do as a result.

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