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There are a lot of photo challenges out there but after failing to find one that really represents geeky/nerdy interests I decided to make my own one. The prompts of this challenge are designed to be broad and open to interpretation so have fun with them! There is no right or wrong answer and everyone will have something entirely different that fits each prompt for them. That’s the wonderful diversity of geekdom.

The challenge is set for 30 days with an optional 31st so it can be completed any month except February (unless you want to sacrifice/combine a few prompts).

I look foward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

The Rules

The challenge rules are:

  1. Link back to the original post or tag the creator, Heather of Just Geeking By. I’m @justgeekingby on twitter, instagram and facebook.
  2. Use the hashtag #jgbgeeky to connect with others!
  3. Repost the full prompt list; graphic version is available below for social media.
  4. Answer the tag in whichever format, and style you wish; want to limit it to one fandom? Go for it!

The Prompts

Here are the prompts!

  1. First Fandom
  2. New Item
  3. T-shirt
  4. Plushie
  5. Game
  6. Figure
  7. Art
  8. Memory
  9. Book
  10. Creature
  11. Bag
  12. Convention
  13. Movie
  14. Collection
  15. Non-Fiction
  16. Jewellery
  17. Stationery
  18. Photo
  19. Hero
  20. Animated
  21. Accessories
  22. Words
  23. Box
  24. Villain
  25. Friendship
  26. / 31. Your Choice

You can use this snazzy graphic to post the prompts on social media or on your blogs. Please remember to right click and save to your own computer as direct-linking of images on this domain is disabled.

The Geeky Photo Challenge prompt list created by @justgeekingby

More Tags

Looking for more Tags? Check out the other Tags available here at Just Geeking By or view the collection of Tags from around the web on my pinterest board.

Image Credits: Star Wars Princess Leia mug photo from Unsplash, Star Divider by MysticEmma..

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