Book review policy

If you would like to request a book review from me then this page is required reading before submitting a request. It lays out in detail what you can expect from me as a reviewer and explains what I need from you. If there is anything you’re not sure about please do not hesitate to ask for clarification 🙂

Book Review Policy

By submitting a book/comic to be reviewed you agree to the following policy.

  • I openly disclose in a review that I have been sent a book/comic for free to be reviewed.
  • I only accept final drafts and advance reader copies (ARCs); I am not an editor or a beta reader. If you wish to hire me for either service then we can discuss that, however, please do not use my free review service as a chance to have someone edit your book – and yes, someone has done this before. 
  • In addition to this, I will not accept updated versions of your book/comic and will review the first version you send me. Exceptions will only be made for technical issues that prevent me from reviewing your book, i.e. the file is unreadable.
  • I have the right to refuse to review a book after previewing it if I feel that it has not been sufficiently edited.
  • All content is written by me, in my own words. While I am happy to include agreed-upon keywords (where able), I won’t be posting anything that has been dictated to me for a book review. I’m available for book tours and I also conduct interviews so if you would like to talk more about your book and any particular themes then let me know. However, as far as I’m concerned a book review is where your book gets promoted based on the merits of your writing.
  • If I am very unhappy with a book/comic and have absolutely nothing positive to say then I will inform the author/publisher and allow them to decide if the review is posted.
  • I expect most books/comics will come to me in digital format (I can accept the following file formats: Kindle (Mobi), Epub, and PDF), however, if you require an item to be sent back to you after it has been reviewed then please be prepared to provide postage and packaging.
  • I do not accept requests for reviews that request do-follow links. This includes any with a paid incentive to do so as this is considered a link scheme.
  • Just to check that you have read this policy please enter ‘wish bear’ on the review submission form when asked for my favourite Care Bear!
  • I will only agree to post a review if the terms have been agreed upon by both parties. Submitting a request does not automatically qualify you for a review; it just means I am reviewing the request.
  • I may require more information about a request and will contact you using the e-mail address submitted. If you fail to reply then I have the right to delay or deny your request.
  • Please be aware that I will not fill available request spaces just for the sake of it. If I do not receive any requests for books/comics I do wish to review then I simply won’t review extra items that month. So if I do decline your request please just accept it gracefully.
  • If there is a delay in posting a review I will notify the requester as soon as possible – while I try my best to schedule things so this does not happen, I am a disabled blogger and cannot always control my circumstances. This is stipulated in all contracts for working with me.

Request a review

If you are interested in getting your book reviewed please check to see when I will have an opening available by visiting my review schedule. There you can find further details about contacting me to request a book review.

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