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After two undergraduate degrees and a Masters, I’ve racked up a bunch of experience when it comes to universities so I’ve funnelled everything I can think of into these guides to pass it on. I also worked for the enrolment support team at the of Glasgow for a few years so there’s all the tips/tricks I picked up too 🙂

Most of the guides feature advice that will be useful for all students while other advice will be tailored to or those taking literature courses. If you have any questions feel free to comment or ask me a question on twitter.

This advice guide offers general advice for students, ranging from help finding books, to finding your University’s group and safety tips, and more.

This guide features advice specifically for students at the of Glasgow and features useful tips and tricks for new and existing students.

Over the years I’ve refined my own study tips and picked up a few tricks, as well as having dealt with my fair share of exam stress. Here’s my guide for how to deal with exam stress and to find your own study groove.

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