What happened to...? A blog content update

I’ve been thinking a lot about future recently and realised that now would probably be a good time to pop in a little blog content update for Just Geeking By. In this post, I’ll be talking about what blog content is still on the playing field, what is officially closed for business and give an idea of what is coming up later this year. This also helps me organise things as it gives me a clearer idea of what I’m doing and allows me to schedule things properly rather than try to squish them all in a panicked rush. I’m also slowly learning to forgive myself when I can’t get things done when the ideas I’ve mentioned or promises I’ve made don’t get kept. 


This is a list of projects that are now closed:

Transmog Tuesday

As I am no longer playing World of Warcraft this series has now officially retired.


This is a list of projects that are undergoing a change 😉

Geek on the High Street

Sadly due to the pandemic, on the High Street is not really viable in its current format. While things are beginning to open up again here in the UK, the situation is still not that stable and I feel that keeping this project limited to shops only on the UK high street excludes people who cannot visit their local high street due to the pandemic. I also had an interest before the pandemic for Geek on the High Street to have an international segment so I’m just going to knock out two birds with one stone… later this year Geek on the High Street will be returning and becoming Geek on the Web, covering Geek Fashion online, internationally 🙂

I have decided not to go ahead with the previously mentioned Facebook group because I am now no longer using Facebook due to my mental health. I do have other ideas in my for something interactive for the future though.

Screenshot Challenge

has been one of my top search engine hits for a few years now and I’ve had a few enquiries about its return. I have ideas for it coming back in a much more streamlined and easier to manage format. Maybe before the end of the year, maybe in the new year.



This is a list of projects that will be returning:

ME & Me

I’ve tried twice now to get this done in May for the ME/CFS awareness month and failed twice, ironically because of my ME/CFS 🙂 I’ve not given up as it’s a project that is very important to me. Next month is Disability Pride month and I’m going to be posting a little bit about ME/CFS as I plan to post about all my health conditions (see Upcoming below), but the content for ME & Me will be getting completed and scheduled for Invisible Illness Awareness Week in October.

Zodiac Series & Birthstone Series

I’ve been struggling to keep up with these for years and I love both of them dearly. They’re a lot of fun, they just take a lot of time. I just need to get to a point where I have things organised and can schedule these properly. So they will be coming back and be scheduled on time.

10 Things

Hopefully will be back next month! I have several 10 Things posts half-written 😀

Blog Links

Another series I want to get back to, and like the Zodiac and Birthstone series it is something that requires time and organising.

Sample Shoutout & Beauty

The challenge behind these two is more about confidence than anything else. Now that my skincare routine is in place and my skin looks better I have a measure of confidence back. I have a better camera phone as well and there are a few more things I need to set up before I’m ready to do start shooting photos. Then it’s all about finding the courage to do it.


This is a list of projects and ideas that are planned for later this year. I’ve already started work on some of these, or I’m already started to plan them well in advance so there’s a pretty good chance they should actually happen! 😉

July is Disability Pride Month

I would like to do a lot more for this but I already have other things to finish off and I’m trying to get caught up NOT add more things to my plate than I can manage (see I am learning!). I have a couple of posts planned including two I’ve been promising for a while (how I cope with bad days and a spoonie/chronic illness gift guide), but mainly I’m going to revamping the disabilities section of my blog with individual pages for each of my disabilities and related health conditions. For example, did you know I have astigmatism in both eyes? Yep, I don’t really talk about it because it’s something that I live with all the time. Things like that will have a home at last.

September is something very special is coming!

You’ll just need to wait until the end of July to find out what!!! I’ll be announcing it at the end of the month 🙂

October is Inktober & Halloween

I’ll be doing my usual Inktober prompts, and I might actually manage to do Inktober myself if I get my behind in gear and prep some sketches in advance… I’ll also be getting ready for Halloween with a bunch of Halloween and Horror-themed posts throughout the month.

December is Blogmas

I have never taken part in Blogmas and I’m going to give it a go this year. Look out for a month of posts every day this December!

Over to you

Thanks for joining me for this update! There’s quite a lot of things I want to do and looking at it all listed here it does look like too much. The important thing to remember is that I’m going into this eyes wide open, learning from past mistakes and planning several months in advance. I’ve already put it into practice with my book schedule and I’m seeing it work, so I’m confident that I can manage things.

What content are you looking forward to seeing on Just Geeking By?

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  1. “September is something very special is coming!” Please tell me this is another series of prompts XD. If not, that’s okay, I am still excited for it. I may borrow the 10 things thing (obviously giving you credit) because I haven’t posted since SGS, lol

    1. Author

      I’m afraid it isn’t a series of prompts, but there will be some prompts, tags and discussion points involved.

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