I’ve always liked to create, and to me products are just another way of creating something distinctive. I hesitate to say pretty or beautiful because in my opinion the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ rings true. Not every look using make up is everyone’s cup of tea, and I developed my own style as I grew up. By applying techniques learned from I became adapt at using eye shadow to develop a variety of looks. Applying make-up was no easy task for me; I’m very short sighted. Eyeliner is particularly tricky, and so I’ve had to find ones that for me (kohl pencils) or using eye shadow as an alternative. My fingers and hands are often very painful and unsteady as well, which again affects how I use make up. These are things that most blogs and tutorials do not take into account, they’re circumstances unique to a minority. This was one of the driving reasons behind adding beauty to my blog. I have beauty issues of my own that I am trying to overcome and new things I want to learn. I also like to experiment and decided to share these experiences in my blog to provide reviews and tutorials from a different perspective. Sometimes it feels to me that most beauty blogs and tutorials are on a totally different skill level than the average person, especially if you’re disabled and short sighted.



So I’ve already mentioned two problems that I have when applying/using products; my hands and my eyes. When your hands are shaky, and you’re constantly slipping or dropping applicators (mascara in the eye… owww), it means you need to adopt some new strategies. Likewise, I have to stand right in front of a mirror to apply make up. That’s great when I have a hand held mirror handy, but when I’m away most bathrooms have one that is above a sink or cabinet. That is a whole new kettle of fish.

My skin is my biggest problem area. I have very oily dry skin which is prone to and breakouts. Sadly I did not leave all those behind with puberty. What doesn’t help the issue is that I suffer from Dermatillomania, also known as skin picking. Admitting this openly in a public blog is a big step for me, and it was one of the things that had made me hesitant about posting photos of myself for years.  You may have heard of trichophagia, compulsive hair pulling or nail biting. Well skin picking comes under the same term; body-focussed repetitive behaviour. For years (I started in my teens) I thought it was just a bad nasty habit, until I decided to google and low and behold it’s actually related to my anxiety and depression. It has taken some years for me to come to terms with it, to work with my family to develop support rather than being told ‘to stop that’. As I said, it’s a compulsion, so telling me to stop or making me feel bad doesn’t help at all. It’s been a long road but I am now at the stage where I am beginning to control it. That has been a combination of working on my depression as well as finding products that work properly for my skin. Talking about this is new to me and will take time for me to grow more comfortable with, so please use the links listed above to learn more before approaching me with questions.

You would think that I’d therefore be a foundation and contour master by now, but I’m not. It is my weakest area of make up and I intend to sort that out this year. I have never been able to find a foundation that covers well, or doesn’t take ages to get perfect. My mornings are hell due to my many conditions, so I don’t have 30+ minutes to spend getting my make up perfect. I also don’t have the energy. When I do put full make up on for interviews or special occasions you can guarantee that I’ve been up for hours prior to even beginning to get ready. For that reason I tend to prefer powder foundation, which so far has not given me the coverage needed for bad skin break outs/skin picking flare ups. Contouring I have never even tried, so that is totally new to me.


My hair is a mixture of good and bad in my opinion. I have shoulder length, thick, wavy hair. I’m sure that for some people that is a dream come true, and I will admit, that when it’s just been washed my hair looks awesome. However, thick and wavy hair is a pain to control. Add in the above mentioned issues and I rarely do anything with it. I also have an itchy/irritable scalp which I use a medicated shampoo to control. I’d like to do more with my hair, and maybe I’ll try out some online tutorials and post the results. Maybe.

Favourite Products

I am very much not a brand girl. I use what works, so for make up I have a wide range of different brands. Some well known, such as Rimmel, MUA or Collection 2000, and others that are cheaper alternatives. I don’t use expensive brands unless I get samples or win them in competitions – I simply can’t afford them as a full time disabled student.

Skin care – After years of trying various products I did some proper research and found that products with Salicylic Acid are ideal for my skin problems. I decided to give the Garnier Pure Active range a try and found that a combination of their Intensive Toner and Deep Pore Wash have made a massive impact on the condition of my skin.

Hair Products – As I mentioned my shampoo is a prescribed medicated one, but my conditioner is always Herbal Essence. I particularly love their range for wavy hair Tousle Me Softly.

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