Transmog Tuesday

Tuesday is a content series here at Just Geeking By based on the transmogrification feature in the World of Warcraft. Every Tuesday I post a new Transmog Set I’ve created for a World of Warcraft armour type or class. Sometimes I challenge myself to create a set using a certain colour, or theme, other times I just see where my creativity takes me.

I do my best to have a wide range of sets, and try to keep the different armour types balanced. So if one week I create a cloth set, I’ll make sure that I’ll create leather, mail and plate sets before returning to cloth again.

I also take requests so if you don’t find what you’re looking for please comment on any of my posts or catch me on social media!

Catch Up

Catch up with some of the previous Tuesday posts below!

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Share the love and browse the transmog sets I’ve made by visiting the Transmog Tuesday Pinterest board. Follow the board to be notified of any new sets I’ve made!

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