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Random Entries

The future is bright; Post Graduate
I’ve been trying to get my brain to function well enough to write this since my exams ended two weeks Read more.
Interview with Competition Site Owner Georgina
When I first introduced interviews to this blog I hoped to be able to share stories like Georgina’s and so Read more.
#TransmogTuesday White Leather Transmog Set
White Leather Transmog Set #TransmogTuesday
Introduction Every Tuesday is #TransmogTuesday and I’ll be posting with a new creation. My main is a discipline priest called Read more.
Death by Pink Transmog Set - Colour Challenge
Death By Pink [leather] #TransmogTuesday
Transmog Tuesday took a bit of a short break due to my holiday and then preparing for another trip to Read more.
#TransmogTuesday - VanCleef's Disgrace Transmog Set
VanCleef’s Disgrace [Leather] #TransmogTuesday
I’m kinda cheating with this weeks set as it’s actually my Rogue’s current set, so please welcome Ceylaina to the Read more.

Recent Entries

#LoveYourBacklog Week 2019!

I’ve been trying to do a backlog post and work on my video game backlog for a while now, so when I saw Michelle at A Geek Girl’s Guide post her #LoveYourBacklog post I knew I had to join in! What is #LoveYourBacklog Week? It’s a week long event run by Kim of Later Levels and LightningEllen of Livid Lightning aimed at dispelling the idea of anxiety, fear or apprehension a gamer might get while thinking of their backlog. Every gamer has one, and the idea that there’s this ever growing list of games sitting there can sometimes be a bit daunting – I knowRead More →

It’s been a while since there’s been a Transmog Tuesday and after a few months break it’s back! I think the break did my creative juices a lot of good as this set came together really easily. Other than the last one, I was beginning to struggle with some sets so it seems a break was needed in more ways than one!  I started with the tier 8 heroic robe and was originally using that as my base element. While hunting for a pair of shoulders I came across one of the Warlock legendaries from Legion which shares an appearance with a pvp set. FromRead More →

Geeking by in December & January

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since there was Geeking By update and eagle-eyed readers may notice that there’s a month missing; November. Honestly not much happened in that month so skipping ahead to December and January instead. Christmas Markets There are two Christmas markets in Glasgow each year and we used to go to at least one of them regularly before our health problems got too bad. Every year we try to get there but are unable to do so, so it was great to be able to do it this year! It was just such a shame that the markets themselves were aRead More →

10 Unique Gemstones for Valentine's Day Gifts

As a Libra I’ve always been attracted to beautiful things, so naturally shiny colourful rocks and minerals that come from mother nature have always appealed to me. I started looking into crystals for healing and magic when I was in my teens, around the same time I began to realise that Christianity really wasn’t for me and I was introduced to Paganism. It didn’t take long for me to recognise that my spiritual and personal beliefs were more aligned to Paganism, and for many years now I have identified as a solitary neo-pagan practitioner. As discussed in the past jewellery is very significant to meRead More →

My Word of the year 2019 - Metamorphosis

I always get to the end of the year and a feel a certain sense of non- fulfilment, and since my ME diagnosis this has grown and grown until the end of last year when it became overwhelming. When everyone was posting about how great 2018 had been, how many blogging achievements they had achieved and how much their blog had grown, I was sitting there feeling like I’d done absolutely nothing with my year. That’s not true of course; I made progress, I had my own achievements even if they weren’t as big as someone else’s, but that lost feeling still remains. I letRead More →