A list of all the classes I have studied during my undergraduate degrees and Masters degree

This blog originally began life as a narrative to my studies and classes, and since then my studies have moved on just as this blog has done. I’m currently working on my dissertation for my Masters in Information and Library Studies at the .

Below is a list of all the courses and classes I have studied over the course of my further education along with my degree classifications. I’ve made a point of including the original course codes for anyone who is at those institutions currently and may wish to study the same course.

Completed Classes

Listed by degree and institute.

Information and Library Studies MSc.

My Masters, post-graduate degree studied at the University of Strathclyde. All modules are listed by module title and module code.

Information Retrieval And Access [CS954]
Information Law [CS955]
Managing Information Services [CS960]
Organisation Of Knowledge [CS961]
Research Methods [CS957]
Libraries, Information And Society [CS962]
Project – Dissertation [CS958]

English Literature MA [2011 – 2015] – 2.2

This was my second degree and was studied at the University of Glasgow; English Literature undergraduate degree. All modules are listed by department, module title and module code.

First Year
English Literature: Intro To Literary Study 1A [ENGLIT 1001]
English Literature: Writing and Self [ENGLIT 1002]
: Writing The Nation: Scott To Macdiarmid 1A [SCOTLIT 1001]
Scottish Literature: Writing The Nation: Scot Lit Post 1945 1B [SCOTLIT 1002]
Celtic Civilisation 1A [CELTCIV 1001]
Celtic Civilisation 1B [CELTCIV 1002]

Second Year
English Literature: Writing and Ideology 2A [ENGLIT 2001]
English Literature: Writing and Text 2B [ENGLIT 2002]
: Crossing Borders 2A [COMPLIT 2001]
Comparative Literature: Frontiers (Exploring identity) 2B [COMPLIT 2002]
English Language 1A and 1B [ENGLANG 1002]

Third Year ()
Medieval English Lit 1 (2a) [ENGLANG 4008]
Literature 1830-1914 [ENGLIT 4015]
Humanities in the Classroom (Work Placement) [ENGLIT 4052]
Literature 1945 to the Present [ENGLIT 4057]
Forms and Genres (Core Lecture) [ENGLIT 9002]
Concepts and Approaches (Core Lecture) [ENGLIT 9003]

Fourth Year (Senior Honors)
Creative Writing Dissertation [ENGLIT 4024P]
British Children’s Literature [ENGLIT 4018]
Victorian Popular [ENGLIT 4028]
Science Fiction [ENGLIT 4062]

History of Art BA (Hons) [2004 – 2007] – 2.1

Taken at Leeds University while studying for my degree in History of Art. All modules are listed by department, module title and module code.

First Year
: A Story of Art 1 [1005]
Art History: A Story of Art 2 [1006]
Art History: A Story of Art 3 [1007]
Art History: A Story of Art 4 [1008]
Art History: EVC [1014]
Art History: EVC 2 [1015]
Sociology: Sociological Analysis of Contemporary Society [1010]
Sociology: Identity, Difference and Inequality [1100]

Second Year
Art History: Aesthetics I [2070]
Art History: Aesthetics 2 [2071]
Art History: Cyberia and Psychobabble [2004]
Art History: Old Mistresses [2075]
Art History: North and South of the Alps [2103]
Sociology: Individual, Mind and Society [2771]

Third Year
Art History: Dissertation [3060]
Art History: Memory and Memorial [3169]
Art History: Sins, Sinisters & Sciapods [3051]
Art History: Esoteric Tradition & Modernism [3155]
Medieval Studies: Visions of Ecstasy

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