The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pagans
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Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Gift Guide for Pagans and the second day of the Geeking By 12 Days of Christmas!

Spinning out from my Ultimate Gift Guides for Geeks are two new guides this year, this one for Pagans, and another one coming soon for Spoonies (aka people with chronic illnesses). I’m a Pagan and have been since I was about 16 so as with the gift guide for geeks this one has sprung from my own experiences explaining my beliefs to others. I took part in a religions seminar when I was in college and remember vividly being questioned by a baffled Christian student how I could believe in something without a religious text dictating my beliefs. I’ve also received the stereotypical love spell books  from friends who thought it was funny.This guide will be covering situations like that to help you get a gift for the Pagan in your life that they’ll actually love.

While this guide won’t be delving too much into religious side of Paganism I will be offering a brief overview of the beliefs. I’ve been covering the definition of the gift recipient of each gift guide and this one will be no different, however, this isn’t a guide to Paganism. It’s a guide to buying gifts for someone who believes and follows that particular religion. I’ll be including some follow up links for your own perusal if you do want to know more.

After I’ve talked a little bit about Paganism I’ll be suggesting practical and useful gift ideas, and offering gift card and shop suggestions. I’m also available throughout December to answer any questions and help gift hunt!

What is a Pagan?

The historical definition of the word pagan is someone who has no religion, so when we’re talking about a Pagan in the modern sense we’re really referring to a follower of Modern Paganism, or as it’s usually referred to, Neo-Paganism. Neo-Paganism is an umbrella term for a range of religious systems and belief practices that the Pagan Federation describe as being “polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping”. They tend to follow the same 3 principles; the veneration of nature, belief in the Mother Goddess and the concept of doing no harm. A lot of New Age practises overlap with Paganism but these 3 principles separate the two.

Some Pagans follow a specific belief system and you may have heard of Wicca, Drudism, Shamanism, and Asatru. Other Pagans follow their own spiritual path that is an eclectic mix of belief systems.

Some Pagans will celebrate Christmas like I do, however, it will be more of a family tradition rather than a religious holiday for them. The religious holidays for us at this time of year are the Winter Solstice, also referred to as Yule, which occurs on the 21st – 23rd of December each year.

To learn more about Paganism visit this site.

Identifying your Pagan

As with any of my gift guides please remember that these tips are given in the spirit of the holidays and not to cause harm to anyone. Please respect the privacy of others if they choose to keep their beliefs private.

Each Pagan religion has it’s own symbology which can help you identify someone; much like a Crucifix, a Jewish Star and so on. You can view a list of Pagan symbols here. Some of the most common ones you will see people wearing are:

  • The Pentacle
  • Triple Moon/Goddess Symbol
  • Triquetra
  • Triskele
  • Eye of Horus
  • Tree of Life
  • Spiral Goddess
  • Runes

As the veneration of nature is a core part of their beliefs Pagans also tend to wear more crystals/gemstones, and use oils. You may very well know them as someone interested in New Age practices or thought them to be a bit of a hippie (they may very well be without being a Pagan, the two aren’t mutually exclusive!).

Another sign of a Pagan is something I’ve been doing throughout this guide; saying Happy Holidays rather than Happy Christmas. I celebrate Christmas with my family, however, as a Pagan I don’t celebrate it as a religious holiday so I prefer to say Happy Holidays. Someone who says Happy Holidays is not always a Pagan; they could be any number of non-Christian religions or an Atheist, however, if they’ve ticked any other boxes then they’re probably a Pagan 🙂

What Not to Buy

I already mentioned the love spell book, and top of my list of what not to buy is spells or spell books of any kinds. Spells are a personal communication between a person and their God/Goddess. There are also a lot of really bad spell books to wade through. Little glass jars promising love, peace or money are definite no-nos.

In addition to avoiding spells I would also stay away from spell ingredients; herbs, talismans, dolls, and so on. This is because it’s really easy to buy items that are tacky and not the genuine article. Instead I’ve included a list of stores that offer these under the gift cards section below.  Also, to be clear there is a difference between the occult and Paganism. Avoid voodoo dolls (completely different religion altogether), Ouija boards, psychic readings and especially anything that screams Satanic – Pagans don’t even believe in the devil.

Other things to avoid are cliche gifts such as black candles, broomsticks, lucky stones, rabbits feet and so on. Unless your Pagan especially collects them they’re just old jokes and a little disrespectful. You wouldn’t buy something like that for someone who believed in one of the core religions.

Cute and quirky witch themed gifts depend on your Pagan. Some Pagans absolutely adore Halloween and wish it was Halloween every day of the week, while others will find it insulting. Likewise with Gothic themed gifts; know your gift recipients’ aesthetic.

Gift Ideas

It probably seems like I’ve listed quite a few things not to get Pagans, but don’t worry because I’m about to fill that void with a bunch of great gifts you can get the Pagan in your life!

Meaning and symbology is very important to Pagans, as is a connection to their true self and to nature. Gifts connected to their birthdate and astrological sign are sure to be a good choice. This chart by the International Gem Society shows you the birthstones (yep, there’s more than one!) for each month and be sure to check out my Birthstones series for some fantastic gift ideas. Additionally each month has a corresponding birth flower and The Old Farmers Almanac has a fantastic visual guide with meanings.

For astrological signs there are more than just the two signs you might already be aware of; Zodiac Signs and the Chinese Zodiac. Especially notable for Pagans are Celtic Tree Astrology, and Celtic Animal Astrology. For gift ideas based on the Zodiac Signs be sure to check out my Zodiac Gift Guides!

Even if your Pagan does not know about this symbology or follow the astrology system personally the thought and meaning behind the gift will most likely appeal to them.


Jewellery is a great way for Pagans to incorporate crystals and symbology into their everyday life which means there are a tonne of fantastic gift options available. I highlighted some of the unique gemstone jewellery you can find in my Valentines Gemstone Gift Guide earlier this year.

Below you will find a selection of Pagan jewellery gift ideas featuring a wide range of symbols and materials.

  1. The Tree of Life has become a popular symbol used by jewellery designers which is fantastic for Pagans. I love this version by House of Silver, £15.00, for it’s elegant simplicity. It’s one of several Tree of Life designs on their website and there’s also matching earrings and bracelets too so you can make a full gift set!
  2. This beautiful Crescent Moon Pentagram Necklace from Etsy, £4.95, combines the Pagan symbology of the moon and the pentagram.
  3. By combining the Celtic Triquetra with a pendulum, the designer has created a magnificent piece that is visually and spiritually beautiful. Available on Etsy, £29.35, in several gemstone variations.
  4. This Celtic Knot Drop set includes matching earrings and a necklace and comes in a range of different gemstones, Etsy, £116.53.
  5. These Mini Pagan Book Pendants are adorable and unique, a perfect gift for someone who has a quirky sense of style, Etsy, £24.00.
  1. These Rose Quartz Silver Goddess Earrings celebrate the Mother Goddess with an elegant combination of silver and rose quartz, the stone of love, peace and harmony, Etsy, £6.99.
  2. For people who like ear cuffs this Triple Moon Earring cuff set is a beautiful gift, Etsy, £24.81.
  3. These Little Pentagram Hoops are a practical way to add a bit of Paganism to an outfit, EMP, £12.99.
  4. Stylish and simple these Gold Celtic Knot Studs are a fantastic gift to give to a loved one as they symbolise eternal loyalty, The Jewellery Channel,  £79.99.
  5. The gorgeous Tree of Life designs from PhoenixFireDesigns are all gorgeous, however, I’ve chosen to highlight these Tree of Life season earrings for the guide for several reasons. Not only are they absolutely stunning but the seasons are an important aspect in the Pagan calendar too, Etsy, £42.42.
  1. Copper wire creates an interesting design to form this Copper Hearts Pentacle Ring, Etsy, £56.02.
  2. This stunning Crescent Raven Pentacle Bracelet is the perfect gift for Pagans who identify with the Raven spirit or totem, Etsy, £89.59.
  3. Followers of Astaru or Pagans with an interest in runes will appreciate this Norse Viking Runes Ring, Etsy, £14.99.
  4. Personalise this Tree of Life Bracelet from Not on the High Street, £29.00, with your Pagan’s birthstone for that extra special touch.
  5. The fashionable Pagan will adore this Triple Moon Goddess Ring to Wrist Bracelet, Not on the High Street, £18.00.


While I warned away from gifting spell books there are plenty of useful and wonderful spiritual books that you can give as gifts. Here are a few to give you an idea of what you’re looking for:

1. Generally speaking any of the Llewellyn’s Complete Books are  well researched and referenced books regarding Paganism, and I’ve picked the Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences to highlight as it’s the one that gives a complete overall of Paganism and Wicca. It’s a brilliant gift for any Pagans who love to learn new things and it’s available from The Book Depository, £25.00, who deliver free worldwide.
2. I can personally recommend this book as it’s sitting on my shelf as I write this guide. The Real Witches Kitchen is a wonderful book that covers everything from oils, lotions, candles, and baking recipes. It’s great for Pagans who love to bake or someone who wants to learn more about using oils which is why it was gifted to me. It’s £16.99 on Amazon.
3. The Practical Witch’s Almanac is a Pagan’s version of a planner, life organiser, calendar and diary all rolled into one with a healthy dose of spirituality to help each Pagan find their unique path, The Book Depository, £9.72.
4. The Enchanted Life is not just filled with practical advice; it’s all about finding empowerment by finding the in everyday, The Book Depository, £10.49.
5. Goddesses in Everywoman utilises a foundation in female psychology to tap into the power of the goddess and help women become the heroine of their own story. While this book focuses on the Greek pantheon it uses the concept of the seven archetypical goddesses to do so which can be applied to other pantheons. It’s available from The Book Depository, £7.91.


As Pagans do not follow a religious text of their own many of them use journals (Wiccans refer to theirs as a Book of Shadows) to write down their thoughts and document their spiritual journey. This means they love journals and a beautiful journal that has been skilfully crafted are really appreciated by Pagans. Here are some of my favourites to give you a few ideas:

1. Designed specifically for Pagans this Book of Spells journal has sections already prepared so Pagans can dive straight in without any need to set it up, The Book Depository, £5.67.
2. This gorgeous leather journal is embossed with the Tree of Life symbol and has plenty of room for your Pagan to explore their spiritual path, Not on the High Street, £19.95.
3. Available in three colours this Triple Moon Crystal Leather journal is also made of completely recyclable and sustainable materials which will bring peace of mind to your gift recipient, Etsy, £21.00.
4. Simple and effective, the golden pentacle is bright against the red stain of on this Wooden Book of Shadows, Etsy, £29.93.
5. Cat loving Pagans will love this cute Witchy Cat Paw Journal, RedBubble, £15.66.


When I say cards I’m not talking about card games or greeting cards; I’m referring to Tarot Decks and Oracle Decks. You may be unfamiliar with the term Oracle Decks and like Tarot Decks they are a tool used by Pagans and practitioners to aid their spiritual guidance. There are multiple reasons why people own different decks which makes them an ideal gift.

My advice is not to go into a bookstore and buy the first one you see. Do your research and find something unique. There are a lot of fantastic independent deck designers creating Tarot and Oracle decks and I’ve included my favourites below:

1. Spirit de la Lune Oracle Deck Set, £52.00.
2. Spiritsong Tarot, The Book Depository, £12.00.
3. Inner Star Oracle Deck, The Darling Tree, £27.41.
4. The Weaver Tarot – Journeyer, Threads of Fate, $80.00.
5. Voice of the Trees Celtic Ogham Oracle, Etsy, £33.61.


Here are a few other items that I came across while creating this guide that I wanted to share with you to help spark your gift hunting creativity 🙂

  1. This Carnelian and Rock Crystal Carnelian Courage Water Bottle is great for Pagans who are always on the go and want to energise their drink, BeWater, £25.95.
  2. All Pagans know there’s in the moon cycles and they will love these Moon Cycle from The Moon Journal, £20.00. They’re available in every cycle of the moon and also as sweaters.
  3. The Biddy Tarot Planner is the perfect gift for people who practise tarot and it’s available in print version on Amazon for $26.10 or as a digital version for $25.00.
  4. This Wheel of the Year tote bag is the perfect accessory for the busy Pagan on the go, Etsy, £6.36.
  5. A gorgeous Tree of Life Wall Art that will make a fabulous addition to any Pagan’s home, Etsy, £54.99.

Subscription Boxes

A subscription box is a box of that gets delivered each month, and you can choose to sign up for a subscription for 1 month, 3 months or more. Subscription boxes are useful gifts to get Pagans especially if you are unfamiliar with the religion and worried about getting something wrong. The products for each box are curated by someone who follows the Pagan path or at least understands it which means you have some insurance that the products within are going to be suitable for your gift recipient. As Paganism is such a diverse system of beliefs subscription boxes also contain a wide variety of products as well.

You can either choose to order an actual box or buy them a subscription/gift card which they can then choose to use when they wish.

As you can see there are a lot of Pagan boxes available so take some time to browse through them and find the perfect one for your gift recipient.

Please note

Due to changes with postage and delivery charges in the US I’ve seperated this list into multiple lists.

Ships from the US & Canada

Awakening in a Box
Goddess Provisions
Enchanted Crystal
Wolf & Thyme Box
Tarot/Oracle Box
The Jewelery Crate
Crystal Gemstone Shop
Sacred Iseum
Una Spirit Bags
The Witches Roots
Magickal Earth
Chakra Box
Spiral Rain Witch Box
Witches Box
Witches Books Box
Wicked Witch Subscriptions
Moon Box
Ships from the UK & Europe

Monthly Pratical Magic Box
Guided Meditation Box
Iggy Box - Artisan Candle Subscription
Crystal Diva – Crystal and Mineral Mystery Box
The Witchy Box
Hocus Pocus Hampers
White Witch Box
Witch Casket
Wonky Subscription Box Witch Box
Monthly Magickal Self Care Subscription Box
The Paper Witch - Sabbat Subscription box
Sweetlunamoonshop Monthly Wiccan Subscription Box
BoadiceaWitches Witches Monthly Subscription Box
The Spell Box
Culverstone Coven Witch Subcription Box
Ships from the Australian and New Zealand

Muses of Mystery Mystical Sabbat Box
Sorcerous Sundries Monthly Box
Club Candle Monthly Subscription
The Candle Library Candle Club
The Crystal Club Subscription

Other Ideas

Below is a list of other general ideas for gifts for Pagans:


While most Pagans do like crystals it’s not a guaranteed thing and some will have a closer connection to them than others, so before you spend your budget on a huge chunk of Amethyst check to see if they even like them first. You can do this by simply seeing if they wear any, have any on their desk or around their home. Pagans that do like crystals will have some crystals somewhere.

A little bit of advice regarding pricing; don’t buy crystals in tourist areas especially in coastal areas. The best place I’ve ever found for buying crystals was a local stall in the market in my hometown (if you’re near Bromley, South East London I highly recommend it!). For small stones, known as tumbled stones, you shouldn’t be paying more than £1-£3 per stone and the higher end of the scale is for the rarer ones. Larger pieces of crystal (up to the size of your hand) really does depend on the quality and type of crystal but for an unpolished piece of quartz or amethyst you should not be paying more than £15 because those are really common stones. Feel free to get in touch if you want advice on pricing crystals.


I don’t think I’ve ever met a Pagan who dislikes candles. A lot of spells use them and colour theory is an important factor in rituals. Therefore, Candle gift sets especially those with various colours and sizes will not go wrong with a Pagan.


Incense has the same role as candles but please check with for allergies and health conditions before buying incense for your Pagan. I’ve been given incense before and while it smelled wonderful I could never use it because I’m asthmatic.

Essential Oils

Essential oils rather than blends are preferable gifts as Pagans will then blend them to their own specifications. Gift sets with a selection of oils as well as gifts that utilise oils, such as diffusers, are good gift ideas but once again check for allergies first.

Art & Prints

I chose not to include examples for this one because it really is a personal preference and depends on your Pagan’s own style as well as the pantheon/path they follow. There is a lot of absolutely gorgeous artwork out there featuring Gods/Goddesses that Pagans will adore. See the Handmade section coming up next for places to browse.

Unfamiliar with the term Pagan? Not sure what the appropriate gift is for a Wiccan? My Ultimate Gift Guide for Pagans is here to help with  information & gift ideas.

Handmade Items

Handmade gifts are not only an amazing, and beautiful way to show someone you care for them, they’re also unique. In the Pagan world handmade items are especially precious to us because they are often created by people who follow the same path as us. Despite being one of the largest religions in the world it is still quite difficult to find Pagan items that aren’t tacky or Halloween themed. That means that handmade sites like these ones are fantastic for finding gifts for Pagans.

Etsy – Etsy is handmade heaven and you may find yourself losing several hours browsing there, so if you’re short on time go in with a plan. You can find literally everything there including things you haven’t even considered. It is also an international site so you have access to creators from all over the globe.

Redbubble - designed by independent artists that are then printed and manufactured on quality products. Each artist decides which products they want their design featured on, so not every design can be placed on a mug, for example. The variety of products, especially when it comes to clothing, makes this a great option for gifts as there is something for everyone’s style.

Store Envy – Another great handmade site that has a vast range of handmade goods for sale by creators.

Folksy – Folksy is the British etsy, so to speak; it’s described as the “the home of British craft”. They have some fantastic items available that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a default gift if you’re really stuck and hopefully I’ve given you enough ideas that you’ll be able to find something else. I’ve included a stores from all over the world which offer gift cards for a variety of Pagan products, some of them discussed in this guide and some that haven’t been. Gift cards do give Pagans a chance to hand pick personal items, such as spell and ritual items so they’re not the worst gift ever but a personal touch will always mean a lot more to a Pagan.

Most of the places mentioned in this guide have gift card options, but here’s a quick and easy list for you. As this is an international list I’ve marked all links by country of original. Although most will deliver internationally be aware of shipping costs.

General PaganCrystalsOther
The Mystic Moon [UK]
Original Botanica [US]
The Hood Witch [US]
Wiccan Supplies [US]
The Zen Shop [UK]
Witchcraft Shop [UK]
The Official Witch Shop [US]
Every Witch Way [UK]
Spirit Earth [UK]
The Moonlight Shop [US]
Sage Goddess [US]
Moonchild Spiritual Emporium [UK]
The Gem Tree [UK]
The Wonky Broomstick [UK]
Tamed Wild [UK]
Inner Vision Crystals [US]
Spirit Walker Crystal Shop [US]
The Five Wits [US]
Doctored Locks [US]
Cactus Mafia [US]
Etsy [INT]
Redbubble [INT]
Not on the High Street [UK]
The Jewel Hut [INT]
Anthropologie [INT]
Waterstones [UK]

Over to You

That brings us to the end of my ultimate gift guide for Pagans. If you have any further questions or need help finding a gift for the Pagan in your life I’m available to help find the perfect gift during December. Just get in touch or contact me on social media.

If you’re a Pagan yourself I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this guide as well as any gift suggestions, especially any places you’d love to receive gift cards from so I can add them to the list. For those of you who are bloggers yourself please let me know if you have a related gift guide so I can link it here.

Last month I unfortunately received some bad news regarding my freelance job and it’s not looking as if the project is going to continue. It’s a sucky thing to happen right before the holidays so if you do like this Gift Guide and any of the others being release during The 12 Days of Geeking By any donations to my Ko-Fi would be greatly appreciated right now. Likewise any clicks or bought through affiliate links in them will be too.

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