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To contact me about anything specific or private (i.e. not simply a comment on a post) please use this form. This is also the place to ask to exchange links with me, please ensure you provide a link to your blog.

Just a quick question? I’m usually about on Twitter or Facebook 🙂

Want to work with me?

I am on a until 2021 and therefore, will not be responding to any contact forms about working with me.

Before you fill out this form:

Please refrain from:

  • Asking about guest posts/contributed articles – I regularly get agents asking if I accept these – the answer is yes.  I am happy to work with you, however, you are wasting my time and yours by contacting me to ask for what is already available on my sponsored content page. Do not send me a form asking a question I have just answered. Thank you.
  • Informing me of broken links to – This has been running for several years and naturally, product links run out. I have a system in place to suggest alternative to visitors and that works for me.
  • Requesting a link to your company site/product for free – This is extremely rude and unprofessional. Just like you, my site runs on SEO and traffic, and by submitting such a request you are essentially dismissing everything I do as unimportant. I’m not new to this and I understand my worth. If you do wish to work with me then please see my price packages and contact me with a serious offer.

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