15 Adorable Geeky Plushies on Etsy!
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I’ve loved plushies since I was a little girl and that hasn’t changed as I’ve gotten older, they’ve just gotten more geekier. Between my original 80’s Care Bears, my fiance’s plushies and our combined ones we’ve got a nice collection growing. Plushies are a gift that transcends all barriers and I’ve yet to meet a geek who hasn’t melted when presented with an adorable plushie – especially if it’s from their favourite fandom! They’re fun and innocence all wrapped up in one and that is what makes them such a perfect gift for the holidays.

As mentioned in my Gift Guide for Fandom Geeks it’s not always easy to find plushies for fandoms, especially those smaller and more obscure ones. That’s where Etsy, the home of handmade goods, comes in! Filled with wondrous items that have been created with loving care they’re also one of a kind which makes it the perfect place to go shopping for the fan who already has everything.

Here are 15 adorable plushies that need a new home just in time for the holidays! Do you know the perfect geek to give them to?

15 of The Best Geeky Plushies on Etsy

Black Widow Doll
Pikachu Cthulhu Toy
Giant Dice Plushie
Superman Nessie
Star Wars Crochet AT-AT Walker
Elf Plushie
15 of The Best Geeky Plushies on Etsy
13th Doctor Who Steampunk TARDIS
Owly Poppins
Despicable Me Marvel Minion Hereos
Baby Groot in a Pot
Harry Potter Nymphadora Tonks Plushie
Princess Fiona and Shrek Crochet Plushies
Good Omens Crowley Plushie
Baby Night King Doll

Over to You

I had an absolute blast scouring Etsy for these adorable geeky plushies and I hope enjoyed them too. I know there’s a few that I seriously want to give a good home to, how about you? I’ve got my eye on that ridiculously cute Star Wars AT-AT Walker! What’s your favourite plushie? Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to check out the Etsy stores of all these vendors especially if you like their style. Many of them create plushies for multiple fandoms and franchises. I highly recommend checking NerdyNessies and ScrabbleKitty’s Owlys as they’re all super cute!

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