Secret Blogger Santa 2019!

This year I’m taking part in the community Secret Blogger Santa being held by Lightning Ellen. I was randomly assigned Naithin of Time to Loot. Happy Holidays and Winter Veil Naithin!

Happy Holidays Naithin!

Naithin began like I did blogging about World of Warcraft and has been a member of the geek and gaming community since 2009. He returned to blogging this year after a 5 year break and his blog, Time to Loot, has diversified to include other games and a wider array of geekier topics. I’ve really enjoyed following his month long 5 game challenge which he journaled in a 30 day series of posts.

Here are some of Naithin’s other posts I recommend:

From my greeting you may have guessed which game I’ve chosen to select your gift from; World of Warcraft.  You’ve been playing WoW Classic a little this year and I wanted to limit my choice to just Classic. Without knowing you personally or more about your character it was really difficult to narrow it down. The great thing about World of Warcraft is that we all make our own personal memories with every item in the game. I could have chosen the iconic item, the bloody item, or something jolly from Winter Veil like item.

Instead I’ve chosen to gift you one of the most illusive mounts in the game item.  When Baron Rivendare became a champion of the Scourge he raised his favourite horse from the dead, forcing the poor animal to serve him again in undeath. There’s a little known secret about Rivendare’s Mount is that when it’s freed from it’s enslavement he gains the special ability to serve his new Master/Mistress in any game they play.

Secret Blogger Santa - Introducing Grandeur!

Grandeur will be with you as you journey through Azeroth and beyond. Your constant companion as you battle the foes of darkness, travel through time and and loot beyond your imagination.

Grandeur will be with you as you journey through Azeroth and beyond.
Grandeur will be with you as you journey through Azeroth and beyond.

He might not always be the most helpful of steeds, but he will always be there to keep you company and keep a smile on your face after you’ve failed that same level for the 20th time.

Secret Blogger Santa!
He might not always be the most helpful or focused…
Secret Blogger Santa!
.. but he’ll always keep a smile on your face.

He loves exploring and trying new games just as much as you Naithin which makes him the perfect companion. He can’t wait to see what games brings!

Secret Blogger Santa!
Grandeur is excited to explore new worlds and games in 2020!

Thank you for being a part of the geek blogger community Naithin! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts this year and look forward to getting to know you better, and read more of your adventures in 2020. I wish you all the best for the new year!

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