Interview with The Dark Room's John Robertson

Earlier this year I wrote about my time at Sci Fi Weekender 10 Part 1, and I had the wonderful chance to chat with John Robertson from The Dark Room. John hails from originally, and has an impressive resume that includes being a comedian, multimedia artist, and professional troublemaker. Most recently he’s added becoming the author of a children’s novel to it and The Littletown of Marrowville is available now on Amazon.

If you’ve not experienced The Dark Room for yourself and have no clue what I’m talking about you can read my recap of it here. But to quickly sum it up for you, The Dark Room is the world’s only live-action video game. The player finds themself in a dark room and has to choose from a selection of text-based options to get themselves out before they die.

 We talk about The Dark Room, disabilities, anxiety and that children’s award for The Dark Room. There’s also a challenge in there for a Dark Room if anyone still hasn’t got an idea for SFW week. Are you up for the challenge, Darrens? 😉

An interview with entertainer and comedian John Robertson talking about The Dark Room, disabilities, anxiety and that children's award for The Dark Room.

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