GeekDis officially starts today! A banner is taped to the wall. It reads "GeekDis starts now!". Beneath the banner additional text reads "A whole month talking about disability representation in pop culture. Join us?" Next to the text is a pair of crutches resting against bookcase. On the bookcase is an assortment of books, a purple box with a green leaf design containing migraine head patches, an aromatherapy candle, medication, an ostomy bag, a roll of bandages, an ankle support bandage and a blue asthma inhaler. On the bottom shelf is a closed purple box with a green leaf design.

It has been a month since I announced GeekDis, a month-long collaborative event for members of the disability community to talk about in pop culture. And what a busy month it has been!

It was all worth it because I can now tell you what is coming up in this month because… officially starts now!

Weekly Discussions

This one isn’t really a surprise, as I told you about them right from the start. However, I wanted to ensure you have all seen the weekly discussion topic questions before I move onto the really good stuff 😉


I don’t just have one interview coming, or two or three… to be honest I’ve actually lost count, 😛 I have interviews with multiple people including some surprise guests who I am extremely excited about!!! They are all talking about in pop culture, what it means to them and their work.

Book & Film Reviews

I have been busy reviewing lots of books, including some new upcoming releases, and films, which I’ll be reviewing and discussing specifically in regard to disability and diversity.

Book Club

Speaking of books… I have teamed up with Tiffany, the moderator of Crip Shelves, a book club and community for Disabled and Chronically Ill readers on GoodReads. Tiffany has very generously offered Crip Shelves as the Book Club, where we can share books and discuss in books during September!

For any nondisabled readers wishing to discuss diverse readers, I highly recommend the group Diversity in All Forms!

Photography and Art Project

I have been collaborating with The LUNA Project, a Glasgow based committed to raising awareness of and supporting disabled young people, on a photography and art project. The aim of this project is to showcase what disability really looks like. The real things that disabled people use every day, especially the messy parts that don’t get shown in the media. The things that you’ll never see in a film or a book with a disabled character.

You can read more about the project and how to get involved over on Instagram here.


And finally… I reached out to some small businesses and asked them if they would support GeekDis. I am delighted to say that they said yes!

I will be running three competitions during September. Two, I’m afraid, will be UK only due to the shipping costs (you can blame politicians for that). The third will be international and maybe involve books…. 😉

You’re just going to have to wait and see to find out more!

GeekDis officially starts today! It's officially September, which means GeekDis starts today! Join me as I reveal everything that is happening for our discussion on disability representation on pop culture. null

Over to you

These are just the highlights. There will be lots of other posts from me throughout September on the subject of in pop culture. Everything will be in the “GeekDis” category and tagged as “#GeekDis” on social media. There will be some other posts throughout the month that aren’t related, some may be topic adjacent but unless they’re tagged and categorised as GeekDis they’re not part of the event.

Are you looking forward to GeekDis?

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