Star Wars Challenge: Favourite Sidekicks
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Hello and welcome to day two of my Star Wars challenge! For the 31 days, I’ll be posting once a day with a Star Wars themed post. Some days I’ll be talking about just one thing, other days it’ll be about 5 things based on the prompt of the day.

The challenge is open to everyone and can be completed at any time. I thought that May, being home to May the 4th, sounded like the perfect time. If you’d like to join me this month then please do! You can find all the details over here.

DAY 2 – Sidekick

Day two’s prompt is sidekick and it’s missing some of my favourite droids because I’ve already talked about them before. You’ll find the always legendary R2-D2, Chopper and some other awesome droids on that list.

So here are five of my favourite Star Wars sidekicks!

Star Wars Challenge: Favourite Sidekicks - Chewbacca


This walking carpet is the ultimate sidekick, ready to give you the Wookie hugs, laugh at you when you’re an idiot or back you up 100% in a fight when the odds probably aren’t in your favour. Chewbacca‘s honest, caring and been around the block a few times so he knows a few things too. He keeps Han on the right path and now that the Solo family have passed in the new canon he’s transferred his loyalty (and possibly his life debt) onto Rey. In the Expanded Universe, it was Chewie that passed away, not the Solo Family, so it will be interesting to see how he will handle their deaths. I think having Rey to focus on will help him heal, whereas when the situation was reversed Han was utterly consumed by guilt especially as Chewie died fulfilling his life debt and saving Han and Leia’s son.

Star Wars Challenge: Favourite Sidekicks - BB-8


When everyone was falling in love with this little droid prior to The Force Awakens being released I was waiting to actually see the droid in action. It wasn’t that I didn’t think BB-8 would be great, I just wanted more evidence than a trailer before I made a decision. Then I watched the film and of course, fell hopelessly in love with the little guy as soon as I met him. There’s a moment in the Poe Dameron comic series (issue #28) where R2-D2 and BB-8 talk and relate their view of everything and it’s the most beautiful thing ever. It’s just two people talking and you don’t realise it’s them until they’re suddenly interrupted by C3PO. It’s so heartwarming to see through their eyes as they see the heroes of the story go through all their battles and all they can do is be by their side every step of the way, the one constant as they fight evil.

Star Wars Challenge: Favourite Sidekicks - L3


A sassy feminist, pro-equal rights droid? What was there not to love about L3 (other than her sad demise, that is)? I fell in love with this wonderful droid the first moment she opened her mouth in Solo: A Star Wars Story and we were well overdue a female droid. The fact that she became one with the Falcon was just the perfect icing on the cake.

Star Wars Challenge: Favourite Sidekicks - Biggs Darklighter

Biggs Darklighter

The ultimate wingman in more ways the one, Biggs Darklighter’s life was cut short in A New Hope before Luke got a chance to catch up with his friend. Biggs is one of those characters who had such a small part and yet had such a massive influence on the entire saga. Without Biggs Luke would never have been so eager to get off of Tatooine, and his friend’s tragic death while battling the Empire helped drive Luke towards the Rebellion. If it wasn’t for Biggs perhaps Luke’s life would have taken a completely different path.

Star Wars Challenge: Favourite Sidekicks - Triple Zero & Bee Tee

Triple-Zero & Bee Tee

These two droids are not your ordinary sidekicks; for a start, they’re completely homicidal and then they spend a good chunk of the time forcing Doctor Aphra to do their bidding. The between the three of them is beyond dysfunctional and despite usually involving a massive amount of violence it is also one of the most comical you’ll find in the Star Wars universe.

Over To You

Sidekicks are an essential part of the Star Wars universe and it was difficult choosing just five. There’s so many good ones!

Who are your favourite Star Wars sides? Do any of mine make your list too? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Star Wars Challenge: Day 2 - My 5 favourite Star Wars Sidekicks!: It's day 2 of my Star Wars challenge & today I'm talking about my favourite Star Wars sidekicks from a Galaxy Far far Away!
It's day 2 of my Star Wars challenge & today I'm talking about my favourite Star Wars sidekicks from a Galaxy Far far Away!

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