Seriously Geeky Sunday week 16 - Galaxy Adventures
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Welcome to week 16 of Seriously Geeky Sundays and we’ve got a galaxy full of for you this time. For this week’s topic, I took inspiration for  National Moon Day which is celebrated tomorrow on July 20th. It remembers the day in 1969 when a human first stood on the moon.

Science fiction is a genre that has been recorded as far back as the mid-1600s and has grown from speculative fiction to blockbuster movies. It continues to fascinate people of all ages and it’s such a huge genre. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s answers for this week because everyone has a different sci-fi universe that means something special to them.

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My answers for week #16

Seriously Geeky Sundays Week 16 - What is your favourite sci-fi fandom?

What is your favourite sci-fi fandom?

My favourite sci-fi fandom is no surprise to anyone who knows me; Star Wars. I was introduced to my first Star Wars film when I was about 7/8, however, it wasn’t until I was about 13 when the special edition Original Trilogy VHS boxset came out that I became obsessed. We bought it for my dad, but I ended up with them. Whoops.

He let me borrow them as I’d never seen them and from the first moment I was completely hooked. For quite a while I was watching them every day, and the internet had just become a thing so I got my hands on the original transcripts too. There was a lot of mary sue fanfic writing happening and things like that! The cycle broke when I discovered the expanded universe novels and my love for Star Wars began to pour into that. I’d still watch the movies every so often, however, I didn’t need to watch them constantly when I had new to discover.

To get to know more about my love for Star Wars check out the 30 day Star Wars challenge I completed in May 🙂

Seriously Geeky Sundays Week 16 - What is your favourite fictional planet?

What is your favourite fictional planet?

Normally I’d have a Star Wars answer for you, however, I gave 5 in my in May. Instead, it’s the planet of Thanagar from the DC comics universe. It is home to the winged alien race called the Thanagarians and the superheroes Hawkman and Hawkwoman. The planet has a rich history and is intergalactically connected. The Thanagarians are a race of proud warriors, and they don’t back down for anyone, so if something is happening in the galaxy you can bet they’ll be there ready to fight (or causing it).

Seriously Geeky Sundays Week 16 - Who is your favourite alien character?

Who is your favourite alien character?

I had a long hard think about this and overall I think it has to be the Doctor. If you asked me for each fandom I’d be able to give you individual characters, but overall out of all the fandoms, the Doctor is the one that first comes to mind. I think that is because I can see the Doctor easily fitting into any of those fandoms. The Doctor could pop along in the TARDIS, stop by in the Star Wars universe or the DC universe for an adventure and it would just be another day for the Doctor. Whereas any other alien character is set firmly in their universe.

(I’ve chosen the Doctor’s latest reincarnation as the image, however, I wanted to point out that I don’t really have a favourite doctor. I like all of the Doctor’s reincarnations in different ways!)

What is your favourite alien species?

Although I’ve answered this one before I’m going to repeat myself because I have no other answer. I absolutely love Twi’leks from the Star Wars universe. They’ve beautiful, graceful and have an incredible which was finally discussed in Star Wars Rebels. You can read more about them in my post about my favourite humanoid species!

Seriously Geeky Sundays Week 16 - What alien creature would you like to have as a pet?

What alien creature would you like to have as a pet?

There’s a whole bunch of Star Wars creatures I’d love to adopt, however, for the sake of some in this post I’m going to opt for a Flerken from the Marvel universe. Yep, I fell in love with Goose in the Captain Marvel movie. I have a ginger kitty of my own and the idea of a kitty cat that is that badass sounds awesome.

Seriously Geeky Sundays Week 16 - What is the most visually stunning alien landscape you’ve seen in a fandom?

What is the most visually stunning alien landscape you’ve seen in a fandom?

Sometimes I have a specific thing in mind when I create SGS questions and this was the landscape that inspired this particular question. Illum from the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is indescribable so I’m not even going to try. What I will say is that the screenshot doesn’t even do it justice. It is quite literally luminescent, almost to the point that it hurts your eyes. There is not a single doubt that you’re on an alien planet and then you look up into the sky and see that gorgeous asteroid shower.


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Seriously Geeky Sundays #16 - Galaxy Adventures: We’re going on a galaxy adventure this week in Seriously Geeky Sundays #16 as we explore our favourite science fiction fandoms for National Moon Day!

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  1. Ok here we go lovely!!
    Favourite Sci-Fi Fandom? I absolutely love and adore The Fifth Element. It was my first love! But as a community and a sense of ‘home’, it has to be Star Wars. I’ve made so many beautiful connections with people over a mutual love for Star Wars!
    Favourite fictional planet? Oh this one is easy, it has to be Endor! It has everything for me; Ewoks, forestry and tree-houses haha.
    Favourite alien? Haha, I have a massive love for Watto (yes, from Phantom Menace!) I just adore that character and the vocal performance, I imitate it constantly!
    Favourite alien species? Wookiee. Every time.
    Alien creature I’d have as a pet? Jake from Disney’s The Cat From Outer Space! The first alien cat I remember!
    Visually stunning alien landscape in fandom? The concept art of Tatooine by Ralph Mcquarrie, without his stunning designs you wouldn’t have what you see on screen today. As a fan I’m eternally grateful to that man!

    Thank you for doing these, can’t wait to continue! Also, it’s lovely to meet another nerd that’s also called Heather! 🙂

    1. Author

      Lovely to meet you and read your answers to this week’s prompt! 🙂 Tattooine would probably have made the shortlist if I didn’t have Illum already in mind. I have sooo many screenshots from Tattoine in SWTOR. They really have done an incredible job bringing it to life in the game. Just like Mcquarrie’s designs it’s not just a desert, it’s something completely otherworldly and it’s magnificent.

      You really must check out my 30 day Star Wars challenge that I completed in May, I think you’ll have an absolute ball reading through my posts <3

  2. Great picks! Mooncake from Final Space would probably be my favourite pet or maybe Morph from Treasure Planet but I can stand by a lot of your answers here!

    1. Mooncake! My best friend made me a Mooncake keychain and it’s adorable

    2. Author

      Oh my gosh. I had to google Mooncake because I didn’t have a clue what it was and I just saw the plushie version. Is it wrong that I want one even though I have no idea who or what it is?!

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