Inktober 2018 Prompts - Miscellaneous Prompts

Welcome to the fifth and final post in a series of posts featuring prompts for Inktober – This week the is a bundle of Miscellaneous themes that did not fit into previous weeks! If you’re not familiar with Inktober I’ll be going into more detail in just a moment but basically, it is an art prompt that takes place every October using only ink. There is a set prompt list created by the original Inktober founder, however, it has become such a wonderful community project now that there are so many new prompts popping up each year. Every year Inktober is responsible for the creation of so much fantastic art and connecting people with new artists. It is also the inspiration for many people and with so many fantastic prompts to choose from there is something for everyone! So I wanted to share them all before October comes around so people can take part or start following hashtags to see the wonderful art that emerges from these prompts.

Disclaimer: I have done my best to only include prompts in which the creators have clearly stated they are happy for people to share and take part in. If I have accidentally included a personal one or you wish for your prompt to be removed from this list please let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige.

2019 Update

If you’re looking for 2019 prompts head over here. Each year I’ll be using Pinterest to collect and organise prompts. You can find all the 2018 prompts in their own board:

About Inktober

Inktober is an art prompt that was originally created in 2009 by Jake Parker who wanted a challenge to develop his inking skills. It has grown from there to become a worldwide event with thousands of artists of all skill levels taking part. The prompt consists of 31 words that act as a prompt, an idea for an ink drawing for each day. As explained in the FAQ section of the Inktober website participants are welcome to use whatever medium they want and interpret the prompts in their own way. That includes working with calligraphy and lettering if that is your field of interest. In general the rules are pretty much lax about everything; if you want to do one a day or several in one day then that’s fine too! The whole point is to get together, challenge yourself and most of all have some fun doing it 🙂

Below is the official Inktober 2018 prompt list:

About Inktober

I would have loved to have done a post for every single theme I found but it was just not possible, so this final post is a selection of prompts that either did not fit into the previous weeks (Magic & Fantasy, Horror & Supernatural, Nature, and Fandom & RPGs) or have no distinctive theme. Here you can find some great music-based prompts, especially if you’re a kpop or jpop fan, historical and cultural prompts, food prompts and also some prompts that contain a bit of everything we’ve seen so far.

History & Culture



Character Design

Health & Wellbeing

Physical Body

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This year I did some art challenges that helped me a lot to increase my skills, to practice with some new art supplies or just kept me drawing with less lazyness. So, for the first time in life I decided to participate in the #inktober following my own list (and others too, if time helps me!). I want to invite you to participate doing, or not, my list of themes (if you use it I will be happy, so let me know it! Tag me once at least and I will follow your process!) I choiced to do hands because I think I could be better in it (Is difficult for everyone, I think). Well, don't forget to draw everyday from 1/10 to 31/10 and using only ink (pens and markers included). #sorryformyenglish ! The best wishes to my IG friends 😙♥️ ✨ Este año hice algunos desafíos que me ayudaron un montón a aumentar mis habilidades, a practicar con nuevos materiales, o simplemente a mantenerme menos haragana. Así que, por primera vez en la vida, decidí participar del Inktober siguiendo mi propia lista (y la de otros también, sí el tiempo me ayuda!) Quiero invitarlos a participar haciendo, o no, mi lista de temas (si la usas voy a estar contenta, así que hacémelo saber! Tagueame al menos una vez y voy a seguir tu proceso!) Elegí hacer manos porque creo que podría ser mejor en eso (es difícil para todos, creo). Bueno, no te olvides de dibujar todos los días desde el 1/10 hasta el 31/10 y usando solo tinta (lapiceras y marcadores incluidos) Los mejores deseos para mis amigos de IG! 😙♥️ ✨ . ✒️ ✒️ ✒️ ✒️ ✒️ #inktober2018 #inktoberprompts #inktoberprompt #inktoberlist #inktobertheme #artchallenge #artproject #hands #drawinghands #handchallenge #art #arte #arttraining #illustrationart #illustration #abbildung #illustrazione #ink #markers #pendraw #copic #windsorandnewton #ecoline #sharpie #touchmarkers

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Miscellaneous Themes

Mixed Themes


Mixed Themes

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IMPORTANT: The officials hashtag of my list is: #toxicinktober Finally!! My inktober prompts are here! You can use them if you want to but please be sure to tag me so I can see and share your creations ❤️ • • • • Finalmente!! Mi lista de inktober está lista! Pueden usarla si quieren. Solo etiquétenme para que pueda ver y compartir sus creaciones ❤️ • • • #ink #inktoberlist #inktober #inktober2018 #prompts #drawingprompts #drawing #drawingchallenge #cat #traditionalart #digitalart #art #myart #illustration #dibujodiario #dibujodigital #ilustracion #inktoberchallenge #challenge #cute #instaartist #artontumblr #cuteillustration #dibujostumblr #artoninstagram #clipstudiopaint

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Just finished my #inktober2018 ✨ prompt list and thought I'd share it early for anyone who wants to join and do some prep work ahead of time. I'm certainly gonna be doing that, it's my first time doing #inktober and the thought of just diving in without any preparation is too daunting! 😂 Let me know in the comments if you're thinking of joining and feel free to interpret the topics whichever way you want! You don't have to do all of them if you don't want to, you can do just a few of them or even just one, either way I'm excited to see what you come up with 😉. If you do take part, tag me so I can see your work, I'll probably feature my favorite entries in my stories. #inktoberprompts

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. Swipe to see english version ⏩ . Ach, no i kolejny inktober przed nami! Kolejne wyzwanie, które będzie mnie nękać po nocach. Jednak tym razem postanowiłam sama wybrać sobie tematy. Czemu? . Z oryginalną listą tematów mam problem, bo PRIMO) nie wszystkie angielskie słowa można łatwo przetłumaczyć na polski SECUNDO) czasami tematy bardzo wykraczają poza moją 'granicę komfortu' – strasznie mi ciążą i zniechęcają do kontynowania wyzwania, które powinno być przede wszystkim dobrą zabawą ヽ(・∀・)ノ . Także, jeżeli macie ochotę, gorąco zachęcam Was do wzięcia udziału w tym (albo innym) inktoberze, bo instagram w październiku wypełnia się po brzegi wspaniałymi pracami ❤️ Powodzenia Króliczki! /(˃ᆺ˂)\ (PS: Jeśli chcecie, abym zobaczyła Wasze prace, używajcie hashtagu #inktoberek) (PS2: Cała idea inktobera należy do @jakeparker i konta @inktober) . EN: Another inktober on the way! I'm super excited about this one! And because I've already tried so many times and never actually made it, I really wanted to try make the prompts all by myself! So here they are ❤️ Good luck in your inktober journey! You can do it my beautiful bunnies! /(˃ᆺ˂)\ Tho don't put too much pressure on yourself because it should be primarily fun! (Inktober event made by @jakeparker and @inktober) . . . #illustration #drawing #artchallenge #wyzwanie #wyzwanierysunkowe #inktober #inktoberki #artfun #challenge #inkart #inktoberprompts

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+ So since inktober is getting closer and closer, I decided to make my own inktober list based on what inspires me, this list is free to use and I’d be glad to see people using this too if you’d like! Just make sure to tag me ✨ ••• I hope to try and post once everyday even though this school year is the busiest it’s ever been so if I miss a day I’m sorry but I’ll try hard! Also credit to @inktober for this beautiful everyday challenge. ••• { #inktober #inktober2018 #inktoberprompts #inktoberlist #drawingprompts #drawingprompt #whattodraw #drawinginspiration #harrypotter #fanart #inspiration #poetry #quotes #drawingchallenge #yinyang #flowers #instaartist #instaart #artist #art #artistsoninstagram #artwork #ink #inking #sketching }

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Hey guys!!!!!!!!!! Soooo i've created this Inktober challenge for anyone that wants to do it with me in stream! You can do them daily in the month of October for the #inktober challenges, or several at once so you have time to complete them depending on your schedule (like i'm going to do..) When you're done with your images here are some tags to use on your social media <3 #somethingprettieinks #twitchcreative #inktober2018 #winetober I am doing My entire prompt list in both ink AND red Wine!! And i'm theming them all as dragons!! What are you guys going to do? #prompt #ink #art #artchallenge #somethingnew #somethingprettie #halloween #drawloween #ichallengeyou #youcandoit #sketching #painting #dailydrawing #art_spotlight #artgallery #worldofartists ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

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Over to You

That’s the last of my Inktober prompt lists and I would love some feedback from you!

Did you enjoy it?

There are other community art prompts throughout the year, as well as writing and blogging events too. Would you like to see more content like this on my blog?

Have you chosen a prompt to follow or have you made one of your own?

If you’re not taking part, are there any prompts that you’re following?

Let me know in the comments!

I would have loved to have done a post for every single theme I found but it was just not possible, so this final post is a selection of prompts that either did not fit into the previous weeks (Magic & Fantasy, Horror & Supernatural, Nature, and Fandom & RPGs) or have no distinctive theme. Here you can find some great music based prompts, especially if you're a kpop or jpop fan, historical and cultural prompts, food prompts and also some prompts that contain a bit of everything we've seen so far.

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