Inktober 2018 - Nature Prompts

Welcome to the third post in a series of posts featuring prompts for Inktober – this week the theme is Nature! If you’re not familiar with Inktober I’ll be going into more detail in just a moment but basically it is an art prompt that takes place every October using only ink. There is a set prompt list created by the original Inktober founder, however, it has become such a wonderful community project now that there are so many new prompts popping up each year. Every year Inktober is responsible for the creation of so much fantastic art and connecting people with new artists. It is also so inspiration for many people and with so many fantastic prompts to choose from there is something for everyone! So I wanted to share them all before October comes around so people can take part or start following hashtags to see the wonderful art that emerges from these prompts.

Disclaimer: I have done my best to only include prompts in which the creators have clearly stated they are happy for people to share and take part in. If I have accidentally included a personal one or you wish for your prompt to be removed from this list please let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige.


About Inktober

Inktober is an art prompt that was originally created in 2009 by Jake Parker who wanted a challenge to develop his inking skills. It has grown from there to become a worldwide event with thousands of artists of all skill levels taking part. The prompt consists of 31 words that act as a prompt, an idea for an ink drawing for each day. As explained in the FAQ section of the Inktober website participants are welcome to use whatever medium they want and interpret the prompts in their own way. That includes working with calligraphy and lettering if that is your field of interest. In general the rules are pretty much lax about everything; if you want to do one a day or several in one day then that’s fine too! The whole point is to get together, challenge yourself and most of all have some fun doing it 🙂

Below is the official Inktober 2018 prompt list:


We’ve already seen Magic & Fantasy and Horror & Supernatural and this week we’re back to mother nature with prompts related to the natural world. From flowers and plants, to animals and the cosmos if you’re interested in the world around and above you then these are the prompts for you!

General Nature



Flowers & Plants






Oceans & Sea Creatures



Sky & the Cosmos

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¡¡Justo a tiempo!! Vuelvo a participar en el Inktober de este año pero con mi propia lista temática que la dejo por si alguien la quiere usar, me encantaría ver los diseños de quienes la usen que seguro que son geniales. Además también participaré en el Sketchtember mostrando los bocetos de los dibujos que haré para el Inktober. Por lo que a partir de mañana mismo comenzaré a subir dibujos. Espero que os gusten y lo disfrutéis. – Just in time !! This year I'm going to participate again in the Inktober this year but with my own thematic list that I leave for someone who wants to use, I would love to see the designs of those who will use, I’m sure that they are great. I will participate in the Sketchtember this year too showing the sketches of the drawings that I will make for Inktober. So tomorrow I will start uploading drawings. I hope you like and enjoy them. #inktober2018 #sketchtember2018 #inktoberlist #inktober2018list #constellober

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Over to You

Have you ever taken part in Inktober? Or any other art prompt? I’m planning in taking part for the first time this year and I’ll be posting more about that at the end of the month!

Did any of these prompts catch your eye?

If you’re not an artist will you be following any of the hashtags to see what art is created?

Let me know in the comments!

Have a prompt to add to the list? Let me know in the comments 🙂 Please keep in mind that only 2018 Inktober prompts will be listed.

It's time to step away from fantasy and myth, and look to the real world for inspiration as we look at nature inktober prompts!


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