Give the gift of expression with enamel pins!
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I became an enamel pin convert a few years ago when my fiancé started to get monthly Loot Crate and in each one was a random pin. I quickly became enamoured with how much colour and detail could be packed into such a small surface. Since then, I found my way onto the wondrous world of enamel pins on Etsy, the best place for handmade gifts. Including this amazing selection of Gifts for under £30!

On Etsy, you can find enamel pins in every shape and size, for every subject and theme. There is quite literally one for everyone, and that’s just one of the reasons why enamel pins make such great gifts. Pins are a way for people to express themselves, and by giving someone a pin you’re not just gifting them with a beautiful piece of art, you’re saying so much more. and 2021 have been incredibly difficult and challenging years, and it is more important than ever to show your support and spread some love around. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the words to do that. Depending on the pin this holiday season you can say; ‘I see you’, ‘I accept you’, ‘I support you’ and ‘I stand with you’ and give them the gift of expression.

Give the gift of expression with enamel pins!

A Pin for Everyone

I said there was a pin for everyone on Etsy, and I meant it. Join me as I guide you through some of my favourite enamel pins in this holiday gift guide for enamel pins.

For the magical ones

You’re not sure if they’re Pagan, or if they’re just a bit spiritual, but these people are magical wherever they go.

For the dreamers

They’ve always got their nose in their book, or their head in the clouds. They’re the artists, the bookworms, and the writers; the dreamers.

For the spoonies

They’re fighting an invisible battle every day, struggling with chronic illnesses and mental health conditions that no one can see as they count their spoons.

For the nature lovers

They feel more at home outdoors, and their love for animals is well known. Hippies, tree huggers; they don’t care what you call them. They love what they love. 

For the gamers

Whether it’s alone or with friends, with dice, words or consoles, gamers love to show off their passion for their hobby.

Give the gift of expression with enamel pins!: This gift guide for enamel pins offers you the chance to give them a lovely gift that also gives the gift of expression and support to those you love!

Over to you

Thank you for reading my gift guide for enamel pins! I hope you enjoyed this small selection of pins that I’ve chosen to show you today. There are so many available on that it really was hard to narrow down the selection to just these, and I have more (themed) enamel pin gift guides planned for next year.

If you’re not sure about which pins to buy, there is always the option of buying a gift card instead. offers gift cards in £15, £25, £50 and £125, and it’s also an international store, so they’re not just available in pound sterling. Head over to the gift card page to find out more details.

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