5 Fandom Friday - Halloween movies


When I first saw this prompt I initially chose the other one (Halloween tv episodes) then switched to this and eventually ended up with too many to choose from! So here are my 5 must see Halloween . I’ve interpreted ‘Halloween movies’ as movies to watch on Halloween rather than one’s set/based on Halloween as that list, for me, is tiny.

hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus is funny, it’s witty, and it’s just a bit scary and freaky without making it too much of a scare fest. I the and their relationships, as well as the historic and lore elements surrounding the three sisters.


practical magic

Practical Magic

One of my favourite films, Practical Magic is about two sisters who are witches and a curse that any time a woman in their family falls in love their lover will die. It’s a legacy that makes both sisters grow up in different ways, one growing up careful and one growing up wild. I think the fact that the family is dysfunctional is something that draws me to this film, and the cast is fantastic, and filled with some amazing . I’d say this film has a bit of everything; romance, sadness, drama, horror, family, and of course a whole lot of magic.




How can you not love Gremlins? Just look at that face! Poor Gizmo, he’s such a gentle soul with a wicked side that as seen in both movies ends up in total and utter chaos. Gremlins I & II are a thrill ride that walks the fine line between being too corny, and getting it just right.


end of days

End of Days

My dad introduced me to Arnie films when I was a teen, and I’m still a fan. I specially love End of Days, an apocalyptic movie involving a god-hating ex-cop who has lost his family (Arnie) and the devil (a wickedly fantastic Gabriel Byrne) who wants to seduce Robyn Tunney’s character to usher in the end of days. Like most Arnie films there’s blood, gore, lots of fighting and some fun theological stuff going on. Gabriel Byrne as the devil is a must see.


the faculty

The Faculty

Taking a break from magic, witches, horror and the end of days, and The Faculty brings in more of a vibe to round off this list. This was one of those films that had a lot of up and coming stars during my teen years, with many now being big names in the film industry. Back then, they were doing slightly cheesy teen movies like this one. But something about this film always made me love it, whether it was the actors or just the sheer horror of the idea of something like that happening to your own school.










  1. I have always loved the Scream movies. They are my favorite!

    1. I could never really get into them, I’m not sure why, but thanks for sharing and commenting Mariah 🙂

  2. I always watch Hocus Pocus in October… I don’t really have the tradition to watch Halloween movies – maybe I should start!

    1. I always intend to.. and then get distracted by something online. I’m very bad at just sitting still and watching things.

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