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The Fairy Tale tag was the winner of the fourth Blog Tag Game poll and was created by Christine Smith. It’s a very different type of tag than I’m used to so let’s see how it goes!

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Queen Bee

1.) What’s an obscure fairy tale you love?

It took me a while to remember this one; The Queen Bee. It’s a Grimm fairy tale about three sons. The eldest two got into trouble and their father sent their younger brother to find them. While they were travelling the youngest stopped his brothers from destroying the homes of three creatures; an anthill, a duck’s nest and a beehive.

Their travels eventually brought them to an abandoned castle, or so it seemed. In one room they found a small man who gave them dinner and a place to sleep. The next morning he showed the eldest a list of three tasks; whoever completed them would free the castle.

The first task was to collect the Princess’ one thousand pearls in the forest, and if they failed they would turn to stone. Both the elder brothers failed. The ants that the youngest had saved collected the pearls for him. The second task, to fetch the key to the princess’s bed-chamber from the lake, was completed by the ducks he had saved.

The final task was to identify the youngest princess from three identical sleeping princesses. This time the queen bee came to his aid, able to identify the youngest successfully by what she had eaten. She circled the head of the princess to let him know which one was the correct choice.

By correcting performing each task the youngest brother woke the castle from its curse and everyone who had been turned to stone was made human again. He married the youngest princess and his eldest brothers married her sisters.

2.) If you got to choose Disney’s next animated princess movie, what fairy tale would you choose to be adapted?

Now that’s a hard one! Especially as so many of my favourites have already been adapted.  I think I’d choose the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I remember having a Ladybird book as a child that had the most gorgeous illustrations. I managed to track down the illustrations. They were by Patricia Papps and you can view them here! Can you imagine that splendour transformed into a Disney movie? There are so many possibilities for songs too.

3.) What is the first fairy tale you remember hearing when you were a child?

I think it was probably Snow White because that’s my mum’s favourite Disney movie, and my nan also loved Disney movies. I also remember I had a Snow-White and Rose-Red book although I don’t actually remember the tale at all. So it was one or both of those fairy tales.

Fairy Tale Tag - Items I'd take on a Quest

4.) If you were to embark on a fairy tale quest, what necessities would you pack in your bag?

I’m a pratical woman so I’d include things that can be used for survival and to combat a range of possibilities:

  • Dagger
  • Walking stick/staff
  • Book of Spells
  • Currency
  • Water & food supplies for a few days
  • Muscle Rub (there will be lots of walking!)
Fairy Tale Tag - True Love

5.) What’s your favorite fairy tale trope?

I’m a sucker for true love. It gets me every time although if teenage me could hear me say this they’d probably gag! I was bullied a lot as a teenager and didn’t realise that I’d also started to become depressed, so I told everyone that romance wasn’t real. My interest in romance was very much real though even if I put on a brave face. I’d been brought up on Disney and other fairytales, and my reading habits were filled with of romance such as L.J.Smith’s Night World series which includes the concept of Soulmates.

6.) If you could be any fairy tale character archetype (the princess, the soldier, fairy godmother, talking animal, mischievous imp, wise old woman, evil stepmother/sister, etc.), who would you want to be and why?

Talking animal! I’d totally be the animal sidekick, probably be the wise yet annoying cat that purposefully knocked things off at awkward moments but was always there when you needed them.

Fairy Tale Tag - My Animal Sidekick

7.) What animal/mythical creature would be your sidekick for fairy tale adventures?

I went through multiple answers before I finally decided on this one. It’s such a hard question! In the end, I decided on a big cat that doubled as a mount, such as the nightsabers from the World of Warcraft universe, or Cringer/Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe.

8.) What is your favorite historical era, and what fairy tale would you love to see in that setting?

It sounds cliche, however, the period is my favourite historical era. It’s a period I’ve studied multiple times in my academic career and appreciate the history, art and culture as well as its beauty.

Fairy Tale Tag - Jafar from Aladdin

9.) If you could change a fairy tale’s villain into a hero, who would you choose and why?

I’ve always been interested in Aladdin’s villain Jafar. He’s one of the few fairytale villains that doesn’t feel one dimensional. There’s a lot of room for discovering how he got his magical abilities and Tales from the Arabian Nights is a backdrop filled with interesting mythology. There’s just so much world-building potential for that character as a hero.

10.) Do you prefer fairy tales with happy endings or sad/tragic endings? why or why not?

Neither, for me it’s about the and their journey. My focus is on the story and not where they end up.

Over to you

It took me a while to finish this one because I had to dig deep into my childhood memory. Thank you to everyone who voted for this one as it reminded me of some things from my childhood that I’d actually forgotten until now 🙂

The next blog tag poll is up and can be found below!


Anyone who would like to take part 🙂
The Fairy Tale Tag: Digging deep into my childhood memories for this one! It's time to talk about everything from bees to quests, tropes and princesses for the Fairy Tale Tag!

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