Seriously Geeky Sundays #2 – Words maketh the fandom

While I’m absolutely terrible at learning languages (I managed French and that was my limit), I’ve always been fascinated with etymology itself (“the study ofRead More →

Seriously Geeky Sunday week 23 - Back to School

Sorry for taking so long to get this week’s post up folks. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, it’s been an absolute nightmareRead More →

Seriously Geeky Sunday week 18 - Supporting Roles

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Seriously Geeky Sundays week of August! In case you missed them August’s questions can be found here. ThereRead More →

The Zodiac Signs Book Tag

The Zodiac Signs Book tag was the winner of the second Blog Tag Game poll. As someone interested in Zodiac signs this blog tag wasRead More →

Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

The Aesthetically Pleasing Tag was the second-place winner of, not one, but TWO Blog Tag Game polls so I took the executive decision to whipRead More →

Seriously Geeky Sunday week 4 - Creativity

The first week of June brings us an apt topic for what is happening in the world right now. As people are fighting for equalityRead More →

Seriously Geeky Sunday week 8 - Geek Pride

Did you guys know that there’s a Geek Pride Day? I didn’t until last year. It originally started in Spain in 2006 before spreading aroundRead More →