No rest for the wicked
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One of the dreaded things about a blog post after so long is that guilty explanation about where you’ve been, why you’ve not posted. I’m terrible for falling into this trap and this time the only explanation I’m giving is that I didn’t want to write. I’ve been enjoying my summer after returning from a lovely holiday in Benalmadena, Spain. The university term ended at the end of May and a week later I’d had all my final grades for Term 2. Normally this would be a cause for celebration and hello summer. Not for me because I have my exam resits in August for Term 1, so while I managed to pass Term 2 with flying colours (2 B’s and an A) despite being so ill with migraines, I can’t relax just yet. So I’ve been having my own mini summer of doing absolutely nothing. Now’s the time to start doing stuff again, revising, blogging and other bits and bobs.

Now that I have completed one set of exams I know that my revising tactics worked and exactly what is required in the exams. After my first exam I said it went ‘ok’, the second I’d done badly and only the third I felt I’d done well. So from that, I know that even doing badly was a good grade, so I’m worried but not planning on getting too stressed about my resits – easier said than done of course! My exams aren’t the only busy part of my summer; my best friend Haley is getting married at the end of July and I’m one of her bridesmaids! I’ve been working on losing weight since March by using a combination of the Slim Fast diet, walking and Wii fit exercise. I’ve done well and there is a noticeable difference, just need to harder for the month to lose some more before the wedding.

All that’s left now is to review the past year, my first year at University. Did I achieve everything I wanted to? Life is never straight forward as I found out more than ever this year so of course things went well and things went badly. I was more social than my previous university experience, however, I didn’t join any societies this year. I’m planning to join two at the start of year. I also had to let a lot of friends down for social occasions, especially birthdays, so hoping to remedy this next year. I’m fortunate that they are all very understanding. Healthwise I learned some things, good and bad. My hypermobility syndrome has gotten worse in my hands and back; I can no longer write with a pen for long periods of time and have had to considerably lighten my bag. So I now have a netbook for and rely on e-books instead of actual books. The sinus issues turned out to be migraines so after switching to a preventative migraine medication my life has been less painful.

Class wise? I enjoyed them and didn’t enjoy them. I took Celtic Civ and Scottish Lit to gain a better understanding of those subjects and I did get that. I also found that was as far as I really wanted to go with those subjects. I also found myself unhappy with some of the staff, especially Scottish Lit where I was ‘reported’ to the head of the course for poor attendance when my health issues are on file and I had spoken to the tutor numerous times about them. When I told the head as much I didn’t even get an email back with a confirmation or an apology. Since I wasn’t that enamoured with the subject this was the deciding factor in me dropping it.

Second-year continues with English Literature and I’m really happy with the reading list for Term 1. It includes some interesting books that I want to read (Paradise Lost, Redgauntlet) and Shakespeare’s The Tempest which I love. As I didn’t do the English Language course in year 1 I have to take it in year 2 as it’s a requirement for honours, so I’ll be taking that. The final subject is Comparative Lit which I was interested with from the beginning. I didn’t sign up for it originally because it said there was a requirement, but it turns out this was a bit buggy! Comparative Lit is more my kind of lit; there’s a vampire course in year 4 which I am dying to do. So as long as I start taking Comparative Lit in year 2 I am ok to take it in 4th-year 😀 I had a meeting with my advisor to discuss this and to discuss the possibilities. You can only take one course in undergraduate for creative and I don’t need to worry about a portfolio for another year or so, so that was a relief. So just need to concentrate on these resits and then I have a September of awesomeness with loads of stuff happening 😉

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