20 Things I Really Don't Like

This idea is completely stolen from Janet who recently posted a list of things she dislikes and it sounded like a good idea. I should probably do a list of things I like as well to balance it out. For now here are 20 Things I Really Don’t Like:

  1. Ants – This is one of my biggest hates and phobias. Never sit on an ants nest.
  2. Heights – Again, another phobia. I’m not sure when or how this one started, I’ve had since my early teens at least.
  3. Stag beetles – Thanks to my photographic memory I have a very vivid memory of how this phobia started. I managed to contract a sick bug which then went around the entire family (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, the lot basically). My nan was looking after me while my parents were sick and I went out in the garden. I suddenly looked down and on my slipper sat this massive stag beetle. Safe to say I screamed the house down.
  4. Caterpillars – When I was a kid there was an epidemic of these big hairy caterpillars and they were EVERYWHERE. Since then any caterpillar, even the little ones just freak me out.
  5. Earwigs – Just because they are weird and creepy.
  6. Maths & numbers – I just don’t get them. However, give me algebra and I find it easy peasy. Go figure.
  7. Crunchy vegetables – I just can’t physically eat them, biting into crunchy veg makes me feel ill.
  8. Fruit – I love the taste and smell of most fruit, but again eating them just makes me feel yucky. The only exception is the fruit in crumbles where it’s all squishy.
  9. Bananas – The smell of them makes me sick, I really cannot stand them.
  10. Bullies – As a bully victim several times in my life, this one isn’t just a dislike it’s a burning hate.
  11. Prejudice – I feel uneasy putting this because I’m a human being and I do have my own prejudices (see the point above for one example). I considered putting it as ‘prejudice without good cause’ but how do you define that? So I guess the best way to describe what I dislike about prejudice is it being used to hurt people. It’s natural to dislike people but when you use that to harm someone that’s wrong. So sexism, racism, ageism etc. = disliked.
  12. Homophobia – This one gets it’s own point because it is just such a huge topic and it is something I absolutely despise.
  13. Using religion as an excuse for hate – I’m not going to point a finger at a particular religion because it’s the individual people, not the religion itself, that is to blame here.
  14. Ignorance – I have no patience for people that are ignorant. We live in the first world where education is available for everyone and most people have access to the internet. There is no excuse to be ignorant when so much is available.
  15. Ignorance of invisible illnesses/health problems – There are so many people out there that have no idea what some people go through every day, so many people who are judgemental and claim that people are faking it just to get benefits. I could rant about this all day, I believe I already have in previous blog entry 😛
  16. People talking in lectures – This drives me nuts. It’s not only disrespecting the lecturer, but it’s also showing no respect for your fellow students. I get finding a lecture boring, or being too ill to concentrate – there are alternatives to starting up a conversation to ease your boredom/discomfort.
  17. Lack of support for long term/chronic health problems – In the government, in schools, in employment – this is a major issue. The only institution that seems to recognise these people need extra help is universities.
  18. Animal abuse – I often to put at a higher status than people, and one of the worst things I think people can do is abuse an animal. It sickens me.
  19. Metal/Dance/Rap music – I cannot stand any of these genres of music. I like my music to actually have not screaming, cursing and techno crap.
  20. Whiners online – People that read a book series or play a video game and then just whine and whine about it. Mainly this tends to be fans of the author and players of the game World of Warcraft. They keep buying the rather than just walking away. No one is forcing you to keep reading/playing!

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