16 Spookiest Places in World of Warcraft

To celebrate Halloween (or Hallow’s End as it’s known in Azeroth) this year I’ve compiled a list of the 16 spookiest places in World of Warcraft to tickle your fancy! To ensure I got them all I reached out to other geeky bloggers and they’ve contributed their own gaming memories. Let the spookfest begin…

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Duskwood

First on the list is Duskwood, which is one of my first memories of a zone levelling my lowbie Alliance characters way back in Vanilla. Everything oozed creepy, from the dark and foreboding atmosphere to being tricked into unleashing the hellish abominition Stitches by the mad scientist Abercrombie!

 As Roro explains it’s a zone designed with in mind;  “I loved Duskwood for its general spooky vibe. Dark forest? Check. Werewolves? Check. Creepy graveyard? Check! And that music!!! :heart_eyes: Soooo good!”

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Bladetooth Canyon

Next on the list is a tiny, yet treacherous path that players from The Burning Crusade will remember vividly especially those who hate spiders.  Before you were able to just zip across the canyon wall on a flying mount the only way from Zangamarsh to Blades Edge Mountain was to traverse the spider cave aka Bladetooth Canyon.

because spiders”, Amanda says and Roro was in full agreement; “Definitely, definitely because spiders! Spiders creep me right out, hahaha! xD”.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Deadwind Pass

The aptly named Deadwind Pass links Duskwood and the Swamp of Sorrows and was a rite of passage for young Alliance players heading for Swamp of Sorrows or the Blasted Lands back in the day. If the name didn’t put you off, the decimated land and bleak landscape were enough to ensure you never forgot your brief time passing through.

Mobs were also a lot higher level and woe betide anyone who slipped off the path as Roro recounts; “Deadwind Pass has a certain creep-factor about it too. It’s so lifeless and still. …..and I walked into it by accident as a wee level newb and died once and that was terrifying, lol!”

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Brill

One of the starting towns for Forsaken characters, Brill looks like it’s just stepped out of a Halloween movie. From haunted house buildings with purple-tinted windows and swirling fog, it’s also filled with alchemical bits and bobs as Forsaken scientists practise their trade.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Dreygrot

In the ancient land of Stormheim, there are many hidden secrets and the ruins of Dreyrgrot are one of the more creepy ones. The quests that take you there soon show that the pirates in the area aren’t normal pirates… they’re vampyr pirates! With Sir Finley Mrrgglton by your side, you manage to stop the dastardly Blood-Thane Lucard before he can wreak undead havoc across the land.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Darkmist Ruins

Tucked away in the vibrant forests of Ferelas Darkmist Ruins is one of many ruins scattered across the zones, yet compared to the others it’s a lot spookier. With the green atmosphere and chilling fog, there’s an eerie feel in the air that screams haunted long before you catch a glimpse of one of the ruins’ ghostly inhabitants.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Karazhan

Covered in cobwebs, filled with ghosts and a creepy killer butler? Yep, Karazhan was definitely going to make this list. The former home to the last Guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh’s fall from grace left devastation in its wake and left the tower, inhabitants and visitors cursed. Throw in some manipulating Burning Legion demons and you’ve got a dangerous place with super vibes!

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Auchenai Crypts

From the moment I first stepped into Auchenai Crypts I felt a shiver run down my spine, even more so after experiencing the Crypts in Warlords of Draenor and learning more about important this place was to the Draenei. Once their sacred burial lands, Auchenai Crypts is now a cursed and haunted place filled with death and ghosts.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Darkmoon Island

Gloomy and mysterious, Darkmoon Island is the perfect location for a carnival. A closer inspection amongst all the revelry suggests that the Island has some deeper darker secrets to tell. Trees covered in blood-red thorns, ghosts that roam the land when the Faire leaves town, forests scattered with cages and a woman selling some rather odd food… And that’s not even counting some of the uh.. “guests” you can run into during the Faire itself. Giant wolves have been known to roam the forests, and Blight Boar fans have uttered stories of a Death Metal “Knight” attacking performances.

There’s definetely some strong Something Wicked This Way Comes vibes coming from this place.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Emerald Nightmare

There’s nothing more dark than a place of beauty and dreams being turned into the stuff of nightmares, and that is exactly what happened in the Emerald Nightmare. Everything is a perverse parody of what it should be, and the worst part is that it’s a nightmare that no one is going to wake up from. It’s World of Warcraft’s very own version of a horror movie.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Haustvald

You can’t really get much spookier than the gateway to hel, and Haustvald is one of the few places that has an access point to Helheim. The once sacred buriel site has now become a place of dark magic and rituals, corrupted by the zealous Bonespeakers who have abandoned their path to follow the God-King Skovald.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Surwich

Nestled in the hills of Blasted Lands, the Gilnean town of Surwich has a distinct Halloween town vibe even when it’s not decorated for Hallow’s End. The gothic architecture against the misty sea backdrop warns of strange happenings and tales to be told only in the light of day. 

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Bloodvenom Post

Not all things are scary and dark, and this one on the list feels like it’s stepped straight out of Ghostbusters or the Adams Family. Kooky, odd and most definetely oozing, the Tauren inhabitants of Bloodvenom Post were turned into Bloodvenom Slimeslaves by a Foresaken called Winna Hazzard in Felwood. This was a result of her experiments with slime. While not particularly ‘normal’ prior to Cataclysm, her only known victim was her kitten which she fed corrupted moonwater to, thus turned it into a corrupted saber.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Newman's Landing

I had not heard about this one until Eldastra told me about it, describing it as a “timeless classic”, so credit goes to them for this one! Newman’s Landing is a secret place on the coast of Dun Morogh in Eastern Kingdoms. You get to it by heading to the gnome and dwarf starting area, Coldridge Valley, and fly south west towards the right tip of the ‘K’ of Eastern Kingdoms on the map.

There has been much speculation about this mysterious house. It’s filled with corpses and for a time was home to a few Goblins, however, Blizzard have never given any details about the place. A lot of and odd things have happened to players at this location; dying here has sent them to Stormwing harbour or Westfall, and when visiting Newman’s Landing their location was listed as ‘unknown’.

Eldastra had one such story to tell; “I had guildies tell me if you zoomed in first person and looked at certain objects, ghosts would appear behind you”.

You can read more about Newman’s Landing and all it’s secrets on WoWpedia!

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Waycrest Manor

Waycrest Manor is a work of art, not just from a design but also from a mechanics one too. Like a haunted house at a faire, the developers aimed to add a touch of chaos by randomly changing the route each time players enter. Inside players wander through a visually delightful environment that continues to emmerse them in the haunted house scenario. Each room is decorated differently, with a variety of mobs while still keeping with the ongoing Waycrest family and Drustvar storyline.

The whole place is creepy, disturbing and delightfully so. There are so many little things to see and notice – some of them you wish you hadn’t seen, but that’s the whole point of the haunted house vibe.

Super Spooky Locations in World of Warcraft - Drustvar

The land of spookiness, magic and everything that goes bump in the night, Drustvar is what happens when you let game develops loose with the description of ‘witches’ and ‘spooky’. It’s dark, it’s mysterious and even the animals are out to get you! It’s home to what I consider the spookiest quest in the history of World of Warcraft which you can see next. It’s that damn spooky I had to record it for you guys to see it in its full element.

Abby Lewis’ Tea Party

I invite you to watch and, well, I’m not sure ‘enjoy’ is quite the right word 😛 the quest that I find to be the creepiest quest I’ve ever seen in World of Warcraft. And that’s saying something considering I’ve been playing it for 16 years (Alliance and Horde).

It is seriously creepy but there aren’t any jump scares. There is death and blood, but not to the point that it’s gory. For those not familar with World of Warcraft; WoW has a 12 rating so that should give you an idea.

Over to You

I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about some of the spookiest places in World of Warcraft. This is not a comprehensive list and if you feel I’ve missed some please do share your favourites with us in the comments! 🙂

Which place gives you the shivers in World of Warcraft?

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The 16 Spookiest Places in World of Warcraft!: This Halloween join me on a special spooky tour of World of Warcraft as I tell you all about the 16 Spookiest Places in the game, including a walkthrough of the creepiest quest in the game!

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