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Everything has been quiet here at the RW Blog due to an unexpected emergency resulting in a trip down to London. Everyone is ok, and now it’s time to get back to normal. Which for me means starting studying. I’d hoped to start in May, but too much was going on and it just wasn’t possible. I still have two months, which is plenty of time, I just want to make sure I use it wisely. Despite my messing up my normal progression and dissertation plans, I have been very for it. I needed the time to worry about important things, and help out in London, without having a dissertation to do as well.


Before we headed down to I had my hospital appointment with the lovely named ‘Infections and Communicable diseases’ department (don’t panic if you’ve been near me, I don’t seem to be infectious). I don’t think there’s really any other department that can help me with this mystery illness, haematology already passed on me, and there’s no evidence of anything specific to one area (other than ALL my glands/lymph nodes). The doctor was really nice, asked loads of questions and did a thorough examination. She said I had two choices; 1) get a CT scan, but she didn’t want to do that due to the whole young woman + radiation + boobies = bad. 2) take some more bloods, rule out for certain some other stuff including immune system related things, have a chest x-ray and then come back in 3 months. Since we didn’t know what was happening we agreed to the 3 months. Otherwise I was all for the CT scan. It’s been over 6 months, I need answers. She also asked me to check my temperature, and despite having flushes and feeling really hot I’ve had a normal temperature. So I’ve no idea if I’ve had a fever a lot or not. I know that a few times I went to the doctor my temperature was definitely up.


Other than monitoring my temperature and studying, I’m going to be getting back into blogging. That means fandom 5 Friday and sharing Saturday will be back too. I also have a review of the Warcraft movie to write up, an interview to post and some beauty product reviews. As I have been a terrible slacker on getting my Look Book started I’ll be doing a special fun project for that so keep an eye out for info about that soon!

One last thing to mention; I successfully passed my second term! There are no exams for that term, so I can relax. One-third of my postgrad is finished (term 1 and dissertation being the other two thirds). Despite being so ill and missing so much I didn’t drop below a 60 the whole term (70+ is a first, so 60-69 is pretty damn good still!).

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