The Rat King - Hunter Transmog Set #TransmogTuesday

A crown perched atop his head, he lords over his people with an iron will, but truth be told his court is not one of nobles. No matter how many crowns he pilfers, or how big his court grows, he’ll always just be a street rat with dreams of grandeur. He’s known by many names; the King of , the King of Thieves – he is the Rat King.

As you can see the idea for this set came from a story that came about as I was building the set. I used to be a roleplayer and my fiance has been playing DnD a lot recently so my juices have been stirring again. This transmog set looks like it should be a set, however, it’s completely made of mail items and I just love that. One item (item) is hunter specific, but if you can find a shaman equivalent that you’re happy with you can make this for shamans too! Likewise, I chose to pair it with a polearm (item) for a change (shout out to all those survival hunters out there) but you could swap it out for a ranged weapon.

The Rat King












About #TransmogTuesday

Every Tuesday is #TransmogTuesday and I’ll be posting with a new creation. My main is a discipline priest called Kaelea, so I do tend to edge towards cloth transmogs more than anything else. The aim of this project is to push my own boundaries, to get creative and work on some themes and ideas I’d normally not consider. That means I’m open to suggestions! Themes, colours, a transmog set around a particular item? Let me know 🙂

You can see my pre-existing work over at Wowhead where I’ll also be uploading any and all sets.

Over to you

Let me know in the comments, as always I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Are you a roleplayer?

Do you play on an RP server or roleplay outside of WoW?

Do you find that your experiences as a roleplayer influences your transmog choices?

Do you like the idea of sets that switch up class roles? i.e. a set for one class that is stereotypical of another class.

This week’s set featured a polearm, and was specific to survival hunters; is there a talent spec or a weapon you feel needs more transmog love?

Let me know in the comments, and if you have any ideas for a future set I’m all ears!

Pin This! Who ever said only rogues get to be thieves? Indulge your darkest desires with this black and gold hunter transmog set.

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Image Credits: Texture by Carlton.

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