Garnier ultimate blends review


I received these two Garnier Ultimate Blends products as part of a campaign on Bzz Agent and have been using them constantly over the last few months – and not solely because I wanted to give them an honest review. I fell in love with this product because it managed to do something that many products have failed. So read on about my experiences and feel free to ask any questions in the comments 🙂

The Products

I was given two products from the Delicate Oat line of Garnier Ultimate Blends which is designed for dry and sensitive skin. One was a Soothing Hydrating for the whole and the other was Face & Multi-Purpose Soothing Balm for fragile and sensitive areas. The comes with a pump action that at first I found to be a bit of a pest; if you pushed the pump down fully it gave a massive amount of lotion, which was great for covering a massive area but if you just wanted some for your hands it was way too much. However, I got into the habit of just pumping it half way down and voilà perfect amount for hands. Unfortunately our consists of just me and my fiancé, so I was unable to test it on various different generations. My skin is quite dry and it can be sensitive, and I had no bad reactions to the product at all.

The soothing balm comes in a smaller round tub and honestly, I expected it to run out pretty quick. I still have loads of it left. You really don’t need to use a lot even if you’re covering a big area.



Smell & Texture

I love the small of oats, and almonds, which is why I chose this one over the other products and it didn’t disappoint. However, if you hate that sort of smell this isn’t for you. It has a smell that lingers, which isn’t overpowering in my opinion and I personally liked it. Texture wise I felt that both products were of equal consistency for what they aim to do. The is a lot lighter and spreads really easily, while the soothing balm is a much thicker consistency as you’d expect from a product aimed at targeting specific areas/problems. Both are very soft and smooth and it absorbs nicely.



Now the important question; did it actually make a difference? Yes! I have some patches of persistent very dry skin that just would not get better. I’d tried my normal staple products from Shop’s Cocoa Butter line and Vaseline Intensive Care range and nada. Didn’t even scratch the surface. Then I started trying this and oh wow, after one day the difference was amazing. The rough patch of skin was gone, it was now silky smooth and I couldn’t tell there had been any dryness there at all. Even better; it lasted. I’ve been using it every week now after my showers and it’s really made a difference.

Overall, my skin has been more rejuvenated and much softer. The only time these products let me down was using the Soothing Balm on my face. It is very thick, and I just felt that it didn’t make any difference to my face at all. I will say that this is more a particular of my own facial skin rather than a negative mark against the product as my face seems to react better to light weight moisturiser and the Soothing Balm is the total opposite of light weight. So for some people it might brilliantly, for me it didn’t work on my face at all.


Would I use it again?

Most definitely yes and I am going to mourn my two wonderful review products when they run out. This is just one of the whole range, so if this doesn’t sound your cup of tea I’d suggest trying some of the others. There’s Honey Treasures which is for ‘very dry skin’ which I’m curious to see in comparison to the one I reviewed. I mean, if this made my dry skin turn into super duper lovely skin, what magical powers does the one for dry skin have? Likewise there’s Mythic Olive which is for dry skin and includes a moisturising oil. I’m not sure how much I’d like that as to me oil equates to slimy. Then for normal skin there is the Marvellous Oil range which uses camellia and argan oil.






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