World of the Year 2016 - Evolve

For the past three years I have joined my friend Haley in choosing a word for the upcoming year. 2014 was change, 2015 was discipline and now 2016 is evolve. Why evolve? Well, over the last year I have been developing and making changes to different aspects of my life. This year I finish my Post grad in Information and Library Studies, ending my studies and flinging me into the big wide world of careers. I also turned 30 last year, and realised that there were some things I wanted to do. More importantly I recognised what was stopping me from doing them. One of them was running an active blog about my life as a disabled student, geek, gamer and bookworm. However, I’d tried a specific blog in the past (a World of Warcraft blog) and it didn’t work for me. Likewise, while I’m a massive bookworm and devour books (175 last year), I’m not really a book reviewer. I like things because they appeal to me, and I’m not really one for over analysing them.

This led me to realise that any blog I decided to create was not going to be just one thing. I’m not just one thing, so why should my blog be that way? So instead of just being a review blog, a disability blog or a beauty blog; Ruby Wings Blog has become a hybrid. You’re probably wondering how exactly does beauty fit in to all that. I’m not known for my style, I’m strictly a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. I don’t follow fashion, and usually what is ‘in’ makes me want to vomit. However, I love beauty products. I love creating and experimenting with make up. I’m far from being an expert, that’s for sure. Applying make-up is no easy task for me; I’m very short sighted. Eyeliner is particularly tricky, and so I’ve had to find ones that work for me (kohl pencils) or using eye shadow as an alternative. My fingers and hands are often very painful and unsteady as well, which again affects how I use make up. These are things that most beauty blogs and tutorials do not take into account, they’re circumstances unique to a minority. This was one of the driving reasons behind adding beauty to my blog. I have beauty issues of my own that I am trying to overcome and new things I want to learn. I also like to experiment and decided to share these experiences in my blog to provide reviews and tutorials from a different perspective. Sometimes it feels to me that most beauty blogs and tutorials are on a totally different skill level than the average person, especially if you’re disabled and short sighted.

There are a lot of things that my disabilities stop me from doing, from going out and being active to being able to make delicate things with my hands. As a libra I love art, I love creating. Over time I’ve come to realise that my gift to the world is words. I’ve experimented (and continue to do) with art, graphics, and photography, yet words are my forte. I can write anything, provided I remember to do so and have the motivation. I’ve always been out spoken and opinionated, yet a past of bullying and emotional abuse had left me struggling to share my real self. Well. No more. I suffer from depression and probably always will do, but I have begun to finally put the past behind me. Ironically it was one of those random feel good sharing things on facebook that did it – the people from your past only know the past you. Yes I have made mistakes, I have not been the greatest person I could be. But who hasn’t? Who doesn’t have regrets? They’re natural, and it is time that I stop them from holding me back.

So, what can you expect from my new blog? Well each month I will be SPILLing the beans:

Sharing Saturdays – I’ll be sharing pretty much anything I’ve found online; from awesome websites, tutorials, art, games.

Product Reviews – I will be reviewing at least one thing a month; that could be beauty products, film, tv, books, games and anything else. I’ll also be trying out various online tutorials and recipes I find and showing you the results.

Interviews – Each month I will be interviewing someone from the online world. They could be someone creative, quirky, geeky or a fellow spoonie. I’m really not picky; the whole point of this is to open up dialogue, share with the world and if you wish, bring awareness to your work or a cause. So feel free to volunteer!

Look Book – I will be experimenting with make up and sharing some of my creations and experiences. I’m particularly looking forward to learning nail art which I have never tried before.

Learn about Me – I want to begin to take part in various blogging memes/quizzes/surveys, so there will be at least one per month.

I’m giving myself a month to do all these things because health and studies will interfere and I don’t think blogging any more is sensible for either, or legitimately going to happen. It will be my responsibility to plan ahead and get my act together, which is daunting, but the next step for me.

So, what do you think? Comment to let me know what you’re excited about!

P.S. The whole blog has been redone so feel free to take a nosey around at the newly written content 🙂


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