My Favourite World of Warcraft Battle Pets

Anyone who knows me knows I animals and my fondness for living has transferred to battle pets! I’ve already talked about my favourite pets for battles, so this time I’ll be talking about my favourites in terms of themes and aesthetics! I have 798 unique battle pets, and that’s just the ones I actually own personally. Whittling it down to just 10 was a challenge, and there are plenty more that deserve a spot on this list. I started to put them in a ranking, and yeah, it was just impossible. So here are my top favourite in no specific order.

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My Favourite World of Warcraft Battle Pets

Baby Elderhorn


With it’s big blue eyes this pet is certainly likeable, however, it’s the animation that made me fall in with it. It’s so adorable and cute when it frolicks that I had to make a gif for you to see!Baby Elderhorn Pet Animation



Battle Pets: Xu-Fu

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen


Essentially this pet is just a mini version of the Celestial Xuen from the Mists of Pandaria expansion – and I’m ok with that! All of the Celestials are absolutely stunning, but it’s Xu-Fu that captured my heart. His colours are just so beautiful and he’s a pretty handy battle pet too, so I have a great excuse to look upon his whenever I want!




Battle Pets: Thundering Pandaren Serpent

Thundering Serpent Hatchling


I was fortunate enough to get a nice guild let me join for a few moments to nab this from their guild vendor at the end of Mists of Pandaria. I’m really glad I did because he’s such a sweet and gorgeous looking guy. I couldn’t get his lightning to show up, but you can see it here.




Battle Pets: Sunfur Panda

Sunfur Panda


All the red panda pets are adorable, but it’s the colouring of the Sunfur one that really stands out to me. I just her cute little markings and the colours of her fur.






Battle Pets: Little Black Ram

Little Black Ram


There is nothing special about this pet at all, apart from I find it so damn adorable! The first time I saw them wondering around outdoors I fell in love.






Battle Pets: Nightsaber Cub

Nightsaber Cub


This little guy is the exception to my pet naming rule (see bottom of this post). Chris bought him for me (he’s a Trading Card pet) at the same time we found out that our first cat together had passed away. We were both absolutely devastated and I can’t remember which of us suggested naming this cub Az, but it was fitting. So this pet is forever dedicated to our crazy wild tabby tom cat, Azreil aka Az.




Battle Pets: Lurking Owl Kitten

Lurking Owl Kitten

Currently Unnamed!

The first thing I said when I saw the Owl Cats was ‘I NEED ONE!’, so imagine how happy I was when I finished the quest chain and got this little dude! I’m really sad that I don’t play Feral on my druid because I the owl cat form. I just wish we had more colour varieties of this pet.





Battle Pets: Cenarion Hippogrph Hatchling

Cenarion Hatchling



Pretty sure I wrote about this little guy when I was talking about geeky tattoos for a 5FF prompt. I remember the first time I saw a hyppogryph hatchling in Wrath of the Lich King, and I fell head over heels for the cute little babies! I’m so glad there’s a shop version, as I’ve not managed to get hold of the TCG one yet.




Battle Pets: Moonkin HatchlingMoonkin Hatchling


I moonkins, so how could I not love this ultra cute baby version?! Especially when they dance and fly just like a real moonkin! I’m just totally in love with this pet and wish there were more colours to reflect the other druids now.



Battle Pets: Mini TyraelMini Tyrael


Probably one of (if not the) rarest you can get, this little guy was in the goody bag for the one-off EU blizzcon (it was called the World Wide Invitational, but it was pretty much not just tournaments). He is beautiful, he has an awesome animation when /dance with him and he reminds me of an awesome event I will always feel privileged to have been to. It’s a treasured memory with my fiancé about a year into our relationship 🙂



Bonus fun: I try to name my pets, and all of these (with the exception of the poor unnamed lurking owl kitten) have been given names relating to fandom and mythology. Can you match each of them to a fandom or pantheon?


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