Monthly Goals: June 2017

It’s been a few months since I did one of these and this is me trying to get back on track! and May were a bit of a mess, and it’s time to try and get a bit more structure again. Most of these goals are putting things back in place, adding new things to make my life easier rather than having a massive to do list to complete.


Planning & Daily Schedule

  • Pre-planning and scheduling blog posts – I’ve been pretty much rushing to get posts out on time, usually a day maybe 2 days before. That really doesn’t for me because all it takes is one or two bad days and I’ve fallen behind. Last week was my first back from my mindful break so I had a clean slate and I feel I used it wisely. Instead of just a few days between posts and due dates I started early at the beginning of the week, and despite some major bad days everything got done in a healthy non-rushed time. Woo!


  • Daily Schedule – I’ve done this before and found it really helps, so as of today I’m back on an hour by hour schedule every day except Tuesdays ( day). I spend an hour working on projects, an hour of rest and then an hour on followed by another rest period. Rinse and repeat. It keeps me organised, it keeps me from forgetting things and it also makes me take actual rest periods. I found last time that doing nothing at all accept rest/relaxing/fun stuff for one hour, and not doing a bit of this and a bit of that of work is very difficult for me. I also need to fit in my meditation daily, which is proving a challenge as I’ve yet to find the right time of day that it works for me. Too early and I’m not awake enough, too late and I forget.


  • Meal Planning & – I’ve been loosely following my low-carb Atkins for a while and then the last few weeks been completely off the wagon. And it’s obvious – and I don’t mean oh look I’m putting on again. I mean in my energy levels, my skin, and various other ways that changing my diet changed my daily life.



  • SEO for blog posts and pages – This has been an ongoing task with my blog for a while now and I’m finally making progress. I hope to get a huge chunk done this month or maybe get it done.


  • World of Warcraft week – I’m taking part in another theme at Geek Blogs Unite and this time it’s gaming. I’m going to give you a whole week of WoW posts from 11th -1th 🙂


  • Finish Gallery Move – At some point in the last few months I finally got off my backside and changed my scan and screenshot gallery to a different gallery and url. It’s still being rebuilt, but you can view it here. I have a tonne more stuff to add and sort for it.


  • Finish Media Kit – I spontaneously wrote the media kit and documentation for Just Geeking By, I just need to go the actual graphic/pdf part.


  • Bullet Journal – My poor bullet journal just got totally forgotten about for a few months, and I need to get back into it. I’ve done some in it, just need to go over it in pen and start doing my trackers again.


Video Game Goals

  • World of Warcraft – No separate list this time because I’ve been pretty much playing it by ear and enjoying doing whatever, whenever. I’m not raiding so I’m free to do what I want. A few plans for June include levelling my Mage, getting alchemy and inscription recipes for my Druid from dungeons/raids, getting Dreamwalkers exalted for druid balance hidden skin and doing some pvp for transmog stuff on my priest.


  • 3 beta – I got the beta and have still not had a chance to play it. I want to try and play at least one hour of non-WoW video games a week, starting with this!


How about you? What are your plans for June? Any holidays coming up? Let me know in the comments <3

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