Inktober 2018 Prompts - Horror & Supernatural

Welcome to the second post in a series of posts featuring prompts for Inktober – this week the theme is Horror and Supernatural! If you’re not familiar with Inktober I’ll be going into more detail in just a moment but basically, it is an art prompt that takes place every October using only ink. There is a set prompt list created by the original Inktober founder, however, it has become such a wonderful community project now that there are so many new prompts popping up each year. Every year Inktober is responsible for the creation of so much fantastic art and connecting people with new artists. It is also an inspiration for many people and with so many fantastic prompts to choose from there is something for everyone! So I wanted to share them all before October comes around so people can take part or start following hashtags to see the wonderful art that emerges from these prompts.

Disclaimer: I have done my best to only include prompts in which the creators have clearly stated they are happy for people to share and take part in. If I have accidentally included a personal one or you wish for your prompt to be removed from this list please let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige.

2019 Update

If you’re looking for 2019 prompts head over here. Each year I’ll be using Pinterest to collect and organise prompts. You can find all the 2018 prompts in their own board:

About Inktober

Inktober is an art prompt that was originally created in 2009 by Jake Parker who wanted a challenge to develop his inking skills. It has grown from there to become a worldwide event with thousands of artists of all skill levels taking part. The prompt consists of 31 words that act as a prompt, an idea for an ink drawing for each day. As explained in the FAQ section of the Inktober website participants are welcome to use whatever medium they want and interpret the prompts in their own way. That includes working with calligraphy and lettering if that is your field of interest. In general the rules are pretty much lax about everything; if you want to do one a day or several in one day then that’s fine too! The whole point is to get together, challenge yourself and most of all have some fun doing it 🙂

Below is the official Inktober 2018 prompt list:



Horror & Supernatural

Last week it was magic and fantasy and this week it is everything at the darker end of the scale as we head into the horror and supernatural prompts! Here we have gothic horor and spooky fun mixed with dark gods, witches/witchsonas, creatures and gore (these are hidden behind a spoiler tag as they may be triggering to some readers).


Spooky Fun

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My Inktober 2k18 prompt is here! As always, anyone is allowed to join and participate in any way they’d like. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Inktober is a 31 day, daily challenge for the month of October to make art with ink following a prompt. If you use this prompt I’d love to see you tag #lovelyinktober so I can see and like/comment on your posts! Also, feel free to share this prompt! The days are listed as follows: 1. Ghoulish 2. Divination witch 3. Teeth 4. Third eye 5. Right hand path 6. Possession 7. Bones 8. Glamour 9. Green witch 10. Spider web 11. Necromancy 12. Glowing 13. Full moon 14. Coven 15. Ghost 16. Left hand path 17. Art witch 18. Fungi 19. Ouija 20. Spell jar 21. Snake 22. Your zodiac 23. Vampire 24. Tasseography 25. Clawed 26. Black cat 27. Urban witch 28. An altar 29. Inside a witches bag 30. Palmistry 31. Seance Good luck!🎃🕷✨🗡👻🖤🔮🌙

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‼️LONG POST PLS READ‼️Here it is, the project I’ve been working on ☺️ My sister and I wanted to try our hand at Inktober this year and we collaborated to make our own prompts. We hope you all will like it and try it yourself, if you do use our list please tag me @Bresciarta so I can see your amazing work and use the hashtags‼️ #hallowedink #hallowedink18 ‼️so we can find you easier! Tag a friend in this post if you think they might be interested in using this inktober prompt list: (can be for art, writing, henna, tattoo design, poetry, dnd character builds, any form of creating!) the goal is to post everyday when it gets to October, you can get a head start on working now to make it easier on you if your creations take longer to make, just remember to post each day and base it off of the topic we chose for that day. Hope you all join in, let’s have a lot of fun 😄💕 #inktober2018 #tagafriend #inktober #inktoberprompts #inktoberpromptlist #drawingchallenge #prompt #art #drawlloween #characterdesign #artistsoninstagram #100followers #writing #tattoo #henna #dndcharacters #creative #creating #challenge #hallowink #inktober18

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Good Morning lovelies!! #inktober is near and since everyone really seemed to like my mermay Prompt list I decided to make one for inktober!! I don’t know how much I’ll be able to participate this year since I’ll really be working on the book but I really want to make this for you! For those of you who don’t know what inktober is it is a challenge created by @jakeparker to draw something in ink everyday of October very similar to mermay but spookier lol. If you tag your drawings to the hashtag #prettylittleinktober I will be featuring my favs on my story everyday then at the end of the month I’ll post my all time favorites on my page as a shoutout to thank you for participating. I hope you enjoy my list! Let me know what you think! Feel free to share with your friends and get the word out!!💕💕💕 (edit day 18 is now dark not skull 29 will stay skull) #inktober2018 #prompt #drawingprompt #illustrator #ink #spooky #drawing #halloween #characterdesign #drawingchallenge

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Gothic Horror

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2018 Inktober challenge lists! Are you getting ready? Choose a list and follow along, producing 1 inked drawing a day for the month of inktober. I hope these lists inspire you to draw! I personally might be using either kidsVSmonsters or sword and sorcery lists. Tip 1: I find it good to sketch out ideas and roughs in september to get ready for October. Tip 2: browse the relevant hashtags everyday for inspiration ( #inktober #inktober2018 etc) Tip 3: get some good inking pens that are easy to use and suit your style Tip 4: Finally, don't forget to use the theme tag for the list you choose, so we can all see what you create! The tags: A Pirates Adventure = #pirateinktober A Dark Circus = #circusinktober Nightmare Fuel = #nightmareinktober Kids vs Monsters = #kidsinktober The Jungle = #jungleinktober A Dystopian Future = #dystopianinktober Sword and Sorcery = #swordinktober A Wicked Western = #westerninktober Street fighters = #fighterinktober Share these lists freely with your people. On tumblr last year there were over 70,000 notes and shares. Just tag me @dropthedrawings Have fun! #inktoberlist #inktoberlists #list #lists #inktober2018list #inktober2018lists #inktobertheme #inktoberthemes #pirates #monsters #artchallenge #art #artprompts #artprompt #inktoberthemes

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#inktober is approaching and @blushingbiddies & I came up with the PERFECT prompt list so we could have fun drawing super fashion filled witches this October and We. Are. READYYY. Anyone want to join us?? Use the tag #fashionwitchtober 💖 This prompt list has tons of various fashion related styles and even complicated patterns, it is a challenge after all 💪🏻We can’t wait to see all the fresh and stylin’ witchsonas you all come up with! I’d love to feature my favorites in muh stories✨ Be as creative as you wish🖤🖤🖤 WHO IS IN, SAY AYE #inktober #inktoberprompts #inktober2018 #promptlist #october #witchsona #witchy #witch #fashion #doit #sketchbook #artprompt

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Familars & Creatures

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EDIT! Please read if you want to join! In order to join the "Of Monsters and Myths" Inktober, please . 1.) Upload a photo/scan of your drawing to your IG profile 2.) (optional) Use #ofmonstersandmyths #inktober #inktober2018 in the description. Otherwise I, and others, won't find it. If you want others to see, check if your profile is public. . If you haven't heard of Inktober before, check out @inktober. Jake Parker created it originally in 2009 and you'll find lots of hints and tips on his IG profile and website ( . (EDIT end). . . . (Original Post) Of Monsters and Myths. Folklore and mystical creatures (you might have to google💕). . Years ago, I saw the results of Inktober that a friend of mine shared and I've since looked forward to participating! (Also low-key terrified of the commitment😎) . The official Inktober prompts didn't really click for me, though, and as this is quite the amount of time that is spent on it, I wanted a topic that I would be really interested in. So, my own mix of fantasy and folklore it is! . . And of course it is so much more fun to do these projects in a group, so in case you want to join this, I am sharing it here. 🙂 . Credit! The 31st Oct is from the list #31monsters prompts by @spottynana and the BG image is from the Unsplash platform and credit goes to @clvmentm 🙂 . . . #inktoberprompts #inktoberchallenge #artchallenge #artprompts #artprompt #draweveryday #draweverydamnday #drawingdaily #drawdaily #dailysketch #linedrawing #lineart #fineliner #pensketch #monochromeart #penandink #iblackwork #blackworknow #inklouvre #blackworkillustration #just_pen_art #nawden #✍️ #artofdrawingg #inksketch #inkdrawing

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Deities & Demons



Gore & Blood

As these may contain words that may act as triggers I’ve put them within a spoiler tag. Please click the tag to view.

Warning: Contains gore, blood, body parts, harm, phobias.

Over to You

Have you ever taken part in Inktober? Or any other art prompt? I’m planning in taking part for the first time this year and I’ll be posting more about that at the end of the month!

Did any of these prompts catch your eye?

If you’re not an artist will you be following any of the hashtags to see what art is created?

Let me know in the comments!

Have a prompt to add to the list? Let me know in the comments 🙂 Please keep in mind that only 2018 Inktober prompts will be listed.

Last week it was magic and fantasy and this week it is everything at the darker end of the scale for the horror and supernatural inktober prompts!

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