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Hello everyone! Talking about a monumental topic like disability representation isn’t easy. I know because I had the important job of trying to find the words to do just that while working on making a reality. With that in mind, I decided to create weekly discussion topics throughout September that members of the disability community can join in whenever they want to.

I’ll be joining in on social media from Wednesday 1st September and every Monday following that. You can take part in any way you want; blog post, social media, vlog, journaling, photos, writing, art, and anything else I’ve not mentioned! It would be wonderful if you shared it with us using the hashtag # and tagged me @justgeekingby on social media, but if you want to keep your thoughts in your own space, that is great too. <3

If you miss a week and want to catch up, or want to skip questions, go right ahead. Please also remember that the disabled community it not a monolith; we’re all different, and we all have our own opinions.

The only wrong way to answer these questions is if you’re not a member of the disabled community – is an event for the disabled community, and I ask that you respect that this is our space. More information about how you can support the event will be coming soon.

The Questions

There are three questions per week. If you want to elaborate on the topics/themes of that week then please do, but as someone with ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) I’m highly aware of what it is like to have low energy and wanted to make these questions accessible to everyone.

You can answer them all at once, or spread them out across the week. There’s no wrong way to do this, so have fun with it. 🙂

Language preference: I have used “disability” as a universal default, however, please replace the term “disability” with the language that makes you feel most comfortable.

Week 1 – Wednesday 1st to Sunday 5th – Your thoughts on Disability Representation

      • What does disability representation mean to you?
      • Have you seen your disability/ies represented in pop culture? (If yes, how correct was the representation?)
      • How do you think disability representation could be improved?

Week 2 – Monday 6th to Sunday 12th – Disability Representation in Entertainment

      • What are your thoughts on nondisabled actors playing disabled characters?
      • Do you think that disability representation in entertainment has improved?
      • What disability representations do you recommend for their accuracy?

Week 3 – Monday 13th to Sunday 19th – Disability Representation in the Media

      • How often is your disability/ies featured in the media?
      • Do you feel that are only represented in the media from certain biased perspectives (i.e. negative or inspirational)?
      • How would you like to see disabilities represented in the media?

Week 4 – Monday 20th to Sunday 26th – Disability Representation in and Social Media

      • Has and social media had a effect on disability representation?
      • Do you use social media to talk about disability representation?
      • Do you have any website or social media for people wanting to learn more about disability representation?

Week 5 – Monday 27th to Thursday 30th – Round-Up

      • What was your favourite thing about GeekDis?
      • Tell us about someone else’s content that caught your attention.
GeekDis Weekly Discussion Topics - In September, I'm hosting an event called GeekDis to discuss disability representation in pop culture. Join in with the #GeekDis Weekly Discussion Topics! null

Over to you

If you have any questions or concerns about these questions, please let me know.

Are you planning to join in with the discussion topics? Let me know in the comments below!

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