Bloodseeking Juggernaut Warrior Transmog Set

This warrior set had to wait until today as I missed TT last week thanks to Storm Gareth raging through the UK. We got hit pretty hard with it here in Glasgow for several days and while I’ve become pretty accustomed to the crazy weather this one really played havoc with my nerves. The air pressure left me with a a few days of migraines 🙁

If only I could have sent this wonderful warrior after Storm Gareth! Echoing the of our ancient history, the Bloodseeking Juggernaut set features mainly pvp items and the cloak from raid tier 21. I had immense trouble finding a shield that was faction neutral; horde have it much easier finding a red hued shield (just as I imagine Alliance characters have their pick of blue shields) so depending on your faction you may find a  better alternative to my choice.

Blood Seeking Juggernaut









Main Hand


About #TransmogTuesday

Every Tuesday is #TransmogTuesday and I’ll be posting with a new creation. My main is a discipline called Kaelea, so I do tend to edge towards cloth transmogs more than anything else. The aim of this project is to push my own boundaries, to get and work on some themes and ideas I’d normally not consider. That means I’m open to suggestions! Themes, colours, a set around a particular item? Let me know 🙂

You can see my pre-existing work over at Wowhead where I’ll also be uploaded any and all sets.

Over to you

This transmog ended up having a Roman feel although that wasn’t my initial plan. I’ll me working on some more themed transmogs once I’ve finished this class series (next week is the last one!), but I’d not considered borrowing from our history before.

Have you ever based a transmog on a real historical costume before?

What about clothes from real life?

Or costumes from other /fandoms?

Let me know in the comments, as always I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Bloodseeking Juggernaut [Warrior] #TransmogTuesday

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Image Credits: Banner texture by xnienke.

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