Songs that remind me of TV Shows & Movies

Oh wow this was a HARD prompt to narrow down. I pick up a lot of music from tv shows and movies, and every time I thought I had this list completed I’d remember another one! I’m sure I’m missing some major ones, and had to physically stop myself going through my entire music library to check for more songs!

5 songs that remind me of a tv episode or movie

Fall from Grace

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I love this song, but I cannot listen to it without seeing the end of season 2 scene play out and imagine just how Buffy must have felt. There are no words to describe that pain, and it’s one of those moments when you need to let music do the talking.

Goodbye to You

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I love Michelle Branch as an artist, and once again Joss and the Buffy team paired up an unbelievably emotional moment with music to express what was happening. The words are so poignant, “Goodbye to you, Goodbye to everything that I knew, You were the one I loved, The one thing that I tried to hold onto” and really capture the difficult decision that Tara has to make to help the one she loves and herself.

Carry on my Wayward Son


I don’t think any Supernatural fan can listen to this song and a) not be reminded of the show and c) not sing along automatically. The band was a bit before my time so I didn’t know them or the song before the show, and I have a very sweet memory of Chris and I bonding when we first got together over this song. We were talking, found out we both loved the show and yeah, the rest is history 😀

Accidentally in Love

Shrek 2

This song just fits so perfectly with that scene in Shrek 2 and I absolutely love the lyrics and sentiments to it. Sometimes love sneaks up on you, and sometimes you’re not looking for it and you end up just giving in to the strawberry ice cream love.





My Immortal


I was a fan of Evanescence before watching this film, however, this song wasn’t one of my favourites. It didn’t do anything for me. Then I watched Daredevil and the funeral scene… and was in tears. The words of the song came to life for me and ever since it has had meaning for me.



So as you can see songs that remind me of tv shows and movies usually have a specific moment and place in that show/movie. I don’t really tend to have random songs that remind me of shows very much, unless they have a very specific theme. For example, Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down automatically conjures images of Smallville because you know… kyrptonite. It also reminds me of Supernatural because there’s a line in the song that says ‘dark side of the moon’ and that’s the name of an episode!

What about you? Randomness or poignant moments?


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  1. Nice picks! I swear Daredevil uses 99% of Evanescence’s songs. They use so many of them, but they’re a good fit for the movie.

  2. Nice picks! I swear Daredevil uses 99% of Evanescence’s songs. They use so many of them, but they’re a good fit for the movie.

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