10 Things - Amazing Pieces of Pride Flag Art

I had a totally different plan for my first 10 Things post and then I started seeing this incredible artworks popping up for Pride. Artists were taking the various pride flags and creating animals and creatures representing each sexuality. I fell in love with them and found even more of them. I thought it was a great way to start off 10 Things and also a nice way to round off Pride 2018. There is some really beautiful art out there for Pride (take a look at deviantArt’s #PlurityofPride for more), however, the unique creativity of these particular pieces of art really embodies what it means to identify as LGBTQ+. Art is about expressing our identities and that’s what Pride is about.((Flag png from Transparent PNG.com.))

Permission to include their was collected from each artist prior to this post being published. I would like to repeat my gratitude to each of them for giving me permission and thus enabling me to put together this wonderful collection of art and to be able to have the chance to share it with you guys 🙂

I’ve included links to social media accounts, websites and stores so please go show these artists your support!



Love is Love Lovebirds by Cody the NerdbirdLove is Love Lovebirds

by Jen aka Birdhism

www // twitter // facebook // instagram // tumblr // redbubble

While Jen made these just for use on the internet (you can find the individual images here) be sure to check out her website and redbubble for more chubbie birds that you can get your hands on 🙂




Genders/Sexuality as Animals

by Badgerfoxdraws

deviantArt // tumblr

I absolutely love this series by Badgerfoxdraws which not only uses the colours of the pride flags, but also represents the each identity as an individual animal. So much care and thought has gone into the choice of animal, and the presentation and vibrant colours are stunning. Badgerfoxdraws has also been working on a new pride related series which you can check out here!



Pride Animals

by EbonyTails

deviantArt // twitter // instagram // tumblr // redbubble // patreon // youtube // picarto

These are just six of EbonyTails’ amazing Pride Animals series  so please head over to her Pride Animals Gallery and see the rest. They are all so beautiful and what’s even better is that you can grab them from her Redbubble store too!



Pride Bibs by Anti-Dark-Heart

Pride Bibs

by Anti-Dark-Heart

deviantArt // twitter // instagram // redbubble  // patreon //  youtube

You can view a timelapse of the creation of Pride Bibs over on Anti-Dark-Heart’s youtube right here and see how the everything came together to create this incredible piece of work.




Pride Possums by Polaskia

Pride Possums

by polaskia

deviantArt // tumblr // redbubble

These little guys by polaskia are just super cute, and each one is brimming with personality! The vibrant colours capture the essence of each pride flag beautifully and I love the use of baby in the pouch to represent non-binary. If you’re a big a fan of these wee possums as I am you can go grab some stickers over on redbubble!



Pride Dragons

by Kaenith

  tumblr // redbubble // teepublic

It was these beauties that actually alerted me to the whole idea of pride flags being turned into creatures, and Kaenith has gone has made a point to include as many sexuality/gender flags as possible so each identity is represented by it’s own dragon. These are just a few of them and you can find the rest (a wonderful total of 17) at the pride dragon index here. They’re also available on Teepublic and Redbubble 🙂



Budgie Pride by PetscopBudgie Pride

by Petscop


Budgies don’t get enough love, and so I had to include these guys by Petscop. I love the way he’s incorporated the colours of the flags on their wings, as well as adding a touch of the flag colours on the tops of the bird’s heads. Adding in the actual flags as their perches is a nice touch too.



Pride Warrior Cats

by transrowanstar


As a cat lover I naturally went looking for cats while on my pride art search and came across these beauties by transrowanstar. They’re part of the Warrior Cat fandom, and what drew me to them was the vibrant colours and the way the flag colours have been interpreted as pelts, eyes and collars.


Lesbian Pride Leopard & Gay PrideGecko

by emorneauart


I completely fell in love with this cheery gay pride gecko as soon as I saw it, and then I found the lesbian leopard. Sadly the artist hasn’t posted any more in the series as of yet and I really hope emorneauart does consider doing so because these are so cute!



PrideCraft: Faeb & Nori by Faebelina

PrideCraft: Faeb & Nori

by Faebelina

www // deviantArt // twitter // instagram // tumblr


Something a little different to finish off this selection and that is Faebelina’s piece for PrideCraft. It’s no secret that I’m a massive World of Warcraft fan, and I was amazed to find out that the WoW artists have been having their own Pride celebration. This was Faebelina’s contribution, and you can read more about PrideCraft by visiting the PrideCraft 2018 announcement. To check out the wonderful art that has been created for PrideCraft 2018 check out the #Pridecraft2018 tag on tumblr!



Bonus Art

The series is called 10 things after all so I had to stick to 10 things (and yes, I purposely made a series with a limit to keep myself in check for situations just like this!) but that doesn’t stop me from giving you a few bonus links to check out 😉 (P.S. A lot of these are available as stickers too so they’re a great way to show your pride identity or your support!)

And yes that is the ‘narrowed down’ list 😛


Over to You

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did! Hopefully this topic will inspire love and creativity rather than hate (any hate will not be tolerated at all by the way) and once again, a massive thank you to the artists for giving me the opportunity to showcase their work.

Do you have a favourite (can you even pick one?! :P) ?

If you could choose an animal/creature (or anything else!) to turn into pride flags what would it be?

Have you seen any pride art that you would like to share?

Are you an artist and have some pride art you’d like to share?

Let me know in the comments <3


Join me in celebrating the end of Pride month 2018 with a collection of beautiful and unique art by artists who have transformed flags into creatures.

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