Seriously Geeky Sundays: Your ideas and suggestions wanted!

Hello everyone! I wanted to check in with everyone now that it’s been four months and I’m in the process of the prompts for the remainder of the year. I want your ideas and suggestions for Seriously Sundays! This is everyone’s opportunity to suggest ideas for themes and offer any other feedback you may have regarding Seriously Geeky Sundays.

Theme Suggestions

If you have a theme suggestion then please share it with me by leaving a comment. If you prefer to share it with me privately you can contact me using this form, or message me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Please note that Seriously Sundays is a -fandom and pan-genre prompt which means themes are designed to allow participants to respond in kind. That means themes will never be specific to a certain fandom or genre.


If you have any other feedback regarding Seriously Sundays then I’d like to hear it. In particular, I’d like to know whether people would like me to keep current the link-up system or swap to just drop your link in the comments.

It would also be fantastic to have some “testimonials” from people about what they like about SGS which I can add to the information page. I’m planning to give it a little revamp and tidy it up a bit.

One thing I have heard is that people don’t feel able to take part because they’re busy on Sundays or they have something else scheduled on Sundays. When creating the prompt I needed to pick a day, and I’ll be adding information reassuring people that it’s absolutely fine to take part any day of the week. I realise that with Sunday in the name it’s a bit confusing so I’ll be adding the alternative title of ‘Seriously Series’ for people who want to join in the fun on a different day.

Over to you

Please feel free to ask anything and be open with me. Seriously Sundays is a community and, therefore, belongs to you all as much as it does me. If you’re happy with how things have been going then let me know. If there was a particular type of question you thought was awesome, or absolutely hated, likewise let me know. When you’re four months worth of questions it can be hard to recognise if you’re repeating yourself.

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  1. (つ✧ω✧)つ
    +who you would be best friends with from your core fandoms IRL?
    +Villains from core fandoms, are they truly scary or just plain fluff?
    +Best Frenemies, characters you wouldn’t be friends with in real life but are okay within their fictional world
    +Favorite Fandoms that used lore and fairytales in their media (books, movies, etc); like Elsa in Once Upon a Time
    +Favorite friendships in core fandoms, and why
    +Favorite genre that you geek out to no matter what
    +80s-90s Baby reprisal, favorite media from the 80s-90s

  2. Freaking love Seriously Geeky Sundays! It’s been something I look forward to writing and has most definitely helped me get back on my blogging feet 🙂

  3. I love Seriously Geeky Sundays! Earlier this year I had a total inspiration failure on my blog and had no idea what to write until a friend put me onto this excellent series! Not only have I enjoyed thinking up answers to these posts but I’ve also had some excellent inferactions on the blog too!

    Keep up the excellent work Heather!

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