For me a big part of being a geek is the fandoms I belong to and this page is dedicated to them. You’ll find a list of fandoms I belong to and ships for each of them.

You may also want to take a peek at what I’m currently watching and reading, as each contains a list of completed series too.



Tortall (Tamora Pierce), Otherworld (), Harry Potter (J K Rowling), Guardians of Time (Marianne Curley), Old Magic (Marriane Curley), Dresden Files (), The Olympians (Rick Riordan), Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs).


Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures,  Dwarf, Sanctuary, , Supernatural, Warehouse 13,  Stargate: , Crime shows.



, Guild Wars.



Star Wars, Warcraft, DC Comics.

My Fandom Ships

My Fandom Ships

This is a list of the relationships I like in particular fandoms aka the couples I ship. Some of these are relationships that happened in the past or are relationships between one character and several others

Star Wars

Mara Jade / Luke
Leia / Han
Jaina / Jag
Jacen / Tenal Ka
Lando / Tendra
Corran / Mirax
Aayla Secura/Kit Fitso

Anita Blake Vampire

(All for different reasons, I believe that they all together and need each other for different reasons)
Anita / Jean-Claude
Anita / Richard
Anita / Micah
Anita / Asher
Anita / Nathaniel

Merry Gentry

Merry / Frost
Merry / Doyle
Merry / Rhys
Merry / Mistral

Kushiel Legacy/Imriel’s series (Jacqueline Carey)

Phedre / Joscelin
Imriel / Lucius
Imriel / Sidonie

Tortall Series (Tamora Pierce)

Alanna / George
Alanna / Jon
Daine / Numair
Raoul / Buriram
Kel / Dom
Alianne / Nawat

Harry Potter Series (J K Rowling)

Harry / Ginny
Hermione / Ron
Lupin / Tonks

Marianne Curley’s books

Old Magic – Kate / Rhauk
Guardians of Time Trilogy – Neriah / Matt
Guardians of Time Trilogy – Ethan / Rochelle

L.J.Smith’s books

Night World – Ash / Mary-Lynette
Night World – Rashel / Quinn
Night World – Morgead / Jez
Secret Circle – Cassie / Adam
Secret Circle – Cassie / Nick
Secret Circle – Nick / Diana
Dark Visions – Caitlin / Gabriel
Vampire Diaries – Elena/Damon

Black Jewels Trilogy (Anne Bishop)

Jaenelle / Daemon
Lucivar / Marian

Black Magician Trilogy (Trudi Canavan)

Sonea / Akkarin
Dannyl / Tayend


Veressa Windrunner/Rhonin





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