Geeky - What I'm Currently Watching

This page is here to keep you updated on what I’m currently watching. I’ll be updating my TV schedule and watch list roughly every quarter, but you can see from the Pinterest boards below what I’ve been watching recently.


You can follow my movie progress over here on! The last movies I watched were:

TV Shows

As of October 2019, my current TV schedule is:


  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Season 6
  • SWAT – Season 2


  • Instinct – Season 2


  • Elementary – Season 7
  • My Life is Murder – Season 1


  • LA’s Finest – Season 1


  • FBI – Season 1


  • NCIS: New Orleans – Season 5



Catching Up

  • The Magicians – Season 3
  • Stranger Things – Season 2

If you’re interested in seeing my whole watch history and progress then check out my profile. The most recent TV show seasons I’ve been watching are:

Completed TV Shows

For a list of TV shows that I’ve completed please head along to my Trakt TV list!