GeekDis Information Hub: A month-long discussion of disability representation in pop culture - GeekDis is a collaborative event for members of the disability community to talk about disability representation in pop culture taking place in September 2021! The image shows a living room. On the wall, there is a large banner that reads: "Geek Dis. An open discussion on disability representation in pop culture". The room is furnished with a television and television cabinet along the back wall in the left corner and further to the right along the back wall is a bookshelf. Next to the bookshelf are a pair of crutches leaning against the wall. To the right of the room is a wheelchair with a vibrantly decorated wheel hub. To the left of the room is a teal exercise ball. In the middle of the room is a rectangle coffee table. On the coffee table and the bookshelf, there are a variety of medical supplies that a disabled person might use, such as medication, an ostomy bag, migraine head patches and an inhaler. In the background, a ginger cat sits at a window surrounded by blue curtains with white stars on them.


You’ve found the GeekDis information hub. Here you can find everything about GeekDis is a month-long discussion event about disability representation in pop culture for members of the disability community taking place in September 2021.


GeekDis Information

To learn more about GeekDis please explore the information below:

Now that GeekDis has officially started, if you are interested in taking part in GeekDis it is not necessary to sign up unless you want to take part in one of the following activities:

1) Collaborate with other bloggers
2) Guest post at Just Geeking By

This is so that I can contact you with more information.

Otherwise, if you would like to take part in GeekDis all you need to do is take part! Please tag me on social media @justgeekingby, so I can share your content and use the hashtag #GeekDis on social media and WordPress so that other people can find your content too.

If you have any questions, you can contact me via Twitter @justgeekingby or email me

If you’re not sure what to write/talk about, you can find a list of topic ideas here 🙂

Join in the activities!

There are a lot of different activities happening throughout September for GeekDis. I’ll be announcing them all on the 1st September, for now take a peek at what’s coming up and how you can get involved! 🙂

      • Join in the discussion! On a blog, on social media, streaming/vlogging or get creative with art and photography. Whichever way you choose to join in, check out the GeekDis Topic ideas for ideas to get you started!
      • Work with me on a collaborative topic! I’m looking for disabled people to share your thoughts with me on three topics: 1) Readers I want to learn what things you want authors and publishers to know, 2) I want your thoughts about being stared about by nondisabled people and the “it’s rude not to stare” Paralympic adverts, and 3) Do you know of any disabled cosplayers? I want to hear about them! You can read more about these collaborative topics and what I’m working on here.
      • Collaborate with others! Other bloggers are also looking for people to contribute to topics: Allison Alexander is working on a topic called “How Disabled People React to Seeing Their Conditions Represented in Media” (see it here!) and Anna wants to learn your thoughts about “How has the presence or lack of representation in the media affected your self-talk and the way you handle approaching your goals?” – Find out more all the details on the Collaborative Topics List.
      • Or join me every week for the weekly discussion! Three questions per week as we break down the massive topic of disability representation in pop culture and talk about what it means to us as disabled people. You can find all the questions here if you want to start preparing your answers. You can also join me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where I’ll be sharing mine.
      • Are you a blogger or disabled advocate? I am currently interviewing bloggers and disabled advocates for a group about disability representation in pop culture. I give everyone the same set of questions to answer, and then I’ll be compiling them into one post. If you’re interested in joining in, please sign up using the GeekDis sign up form and select “group interview”. The deadline for this is the 12th September, so please be prepared to submit your answers by that date.
      • Join us for a book club! Crip Shelves on GoodReads is hosting the GeekDis book club where we can share books and discuss disability representation in books during September!


GeekDis Content

Content by Other Bloggers

Check out some of the content that other bloggers have created for GeekDis!

For Nondisabled People

While GeekDis is a collaborative discussion for the disabled community, at the heart of this event is awareness. We’re talking so that you can listen.

I understand that many of you do want to help support the disabled community and, thus, support GeekDis. Below is a link to information about how you can support GeekDis throughout September.

If you have any questions about GeekDis you can contact me on Twitter @justgeekingby or using this enquiry form.

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