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I’ve been reading books for most of my life, falling in love with the fantastical worlds of Roald Dahl and the created by Enid Blyton as a child. As I grew older I continued to excel in and Language gaining both GCSE and A-Levels in both subjects. When I went to University for the first time it was to study History of Art, not Literature, however, the course at the University of Leeds is based on critical thinking and philosophy of art. When I returned to University for a second time, this time to study English Literature, I found many of the subjects I’d previously studied for art crossing over for literature.

When you pick me to your book you’re not just getting someone who loves what they do and wants to help support authors, you’re also getting someone with a background in critical theory. Someone who can connect the dots and piece together those clever little pieces you put together beneath the surface of your writing. I don’t write critical essays on books; I did enough of those during my time studying! I just like to add extra depth to my reviews and let your work shine that bit brighter. I completed my English Literature with a creative writing dissertation so I also have experience when it comes to writing. If you’re curious about what courses I studied you can read a full list here.

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What you get from a book

As of January 2022 I have changed the format of my book reviews. Previously I offered two types of reviews based on length, however, after a year of reviewing I recognised that the system wasn’t working for me. I also wanted to list exactly what additional services I offer as a book reviewer because once I’ve completed my book I don’t just post it on my blog and forget about it.

What you get from my book reviews:

A critical and honest book

I’m a writer myself, so I am not going to rip you to shreds, or write petty insults in my book review. As mentioned above, I come from an and creative writing background, which means I try to make my criticism as constructive as I can. However, I am not going to skip over the things I didn’t like, nor will I ignore any major issues I come across such as a lack of diversity, bigoted/outdated language or poor characterisation and plots.

Sensitivity book

You’ll be getting a sensitivity book review from a disabled, bisexual woman as I read and review from these perspectives.

A minimum of 275 words

The length of my book reviews vary depending on multiple factors, and it is impossible for me to give you an estimate of how long your review is going to be. I provide a minimum book review of 275 words, but most of the time my book reviews surpass that.

Free promotion for all your books

With every review you’ll get some free promotion for you and your other books as I always include an author biography (as long as one is available on GoodReads or Amazon) with links to your GoodReads page, website and social media accounts. I also include links to a selection of an author’s books, and if the book I’m reviewing is part of a series, I’ll include all the books in that series. Basically; free promotion.

Cross-posted reviews

Once I’ve finished my review I cross-post it to GoodReads, Amazon and Waterstones! Depending on how busy I am it may take me a few days/weeks to get that done (especially if a book hasn’t been released, and I can’t post my review up on Amazon yet) but I always catch up. If there is another site you would like me to post a review to, I am happy to consider doing so.

Shared to social media

My book reviews are automatically shared on Twitter and Facebook, and I also share them on Instagram and Pinterest.

Additional promotional opportunities

I offer additional promotional opportunities throughout the year as I work on other content on my blog! Find out more here.


What genres I review

This is a list of the genres I am interested in reviewing. It is a complete list and if it is not listed I am most likely not going to review it. If you think I might be interested then you are welcome to try your luck, however, please do not approach me with a book that is clearly nothing like any of these genres. If it’s not listed here (i.e. crime) then I am not going to review it.


I read young adult or adult fiction, and I’m happy to read anthologies, novellas or full novels. For a list of what I do not read, please scroll down. I also can’t start mid-series. If you’ve got a new book out, and it’s the 2nd or 3rd book in a series I’m happy to review it, however, I need to read the previous book/s first. I’m happy to work something out with you and offer reviews for the previous books, but they will need to get read first 🙂

      • Fantasy (not “Christian” fantasy)
      • Science Fiction
      • Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural
      • Horror
      • Dystopian
      • British based fantasy or urban fantasy (London or Scotland are a massive bonus!)
      • Fey
      • Myths and folklore
      • Superheroes 
      • Fantasy libraries
      • Books of any genre that have a main character that is disabled (disabled, not terminally ill).

Comics & Graphic Novels

I don’t just review books, I also love comics too! I do not read manga, otherwise pretty much any of the same genres as fiction. Please note that I do not review single issues or chapters of a comic; I only read full volumes. The reason for this is that it takes more energy for me to write a review than it does to read a single issue of a comic. Due to my disabilities, I need to weigh the energy cost of everything I do, and it just isn’t worth it for one issue.

I also can’t start mid-series. If you’ve got a new comic/graphic coming out, and it’s the 2nd or 3rd volume in a series I’m happy to review it, however, I need to read the previous volumes first. I’m happy to work something out with you and offer reviews for the previous volumes, but they will need to get read first 🙂


I primarily read fiction, although there are some very specific non-fiction subjects that I am interested in:

      • Books about ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)
      • Books about joint hypermobility syndrome/s and/or Ehlers Danos Syndrome (EDS)
      • Books about Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS)
      • Books about living with chronic illnesses by people with chronic illnesses
      • Pop Culture and/or Video Game topics (not TTRPG related, LitRPG, game guides or gambling related)
      • Books about Paganism, especially crystals
      • Bibliographies by disabled people
      • Books about Mindfulness (not meditation)
      • Scottish Genealogy
      • Irish Genealogy

What I do not review

Previously this list did not exist, and I simply said “try me and see” because writing this list takes time. Unfortunately, too many people took advantage of that offer and took that to mean “well, she means to send her a request for anything then!”. I understand that authors are eager to get their work out there, however, trying to push your work on me when I clearly state what I do and do not review will not help your cause. It just wastes both our time and no one likes to get an email with a rejection.

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list and I reserve the right to update it as and when needed. 

To make it clearer what I will absolutely not review here is a list:


Fiction Genres

      • “Christian”/or any other mainstream religion genre fiction – I’m a Pagan, therefore, I have zero interest in reading any genre fiction that involves religion. As far as I’m concerned, the two should not mix.
      • Hard Science Fiction – I like my science fiction to say in the realm of fiction. If I want to read science, I’ll go read an academic paper on the subject.
      • Romance/Chick Lit – I like my romance to happen in other genres, not on its own. Books just about falling in love bore me to tears.
      • Crime (inc. sub-genres such as Thriller/Mystery) – As much as I love crime TV shows, I have never been able to get into it as a book genre. I do love it combined with the genres listed above; supernatural/urban fantasy detectives are a huge love of mine, for example.
      • Erotica – Nothing personal, I just don’t review pure erotica. Books with erotic scenes are fine, I just prefer to keep that aspect of my reading private.
      • Cultural appropriation – I am not a fan of authors appropriating cultures for the means of fantasy that they have no connection with.
      • Children’s fiction/Middle-grade fiction – Unless it fits into one of the specific themes I mention (i.e. disabled main characters) I will probably turn down a request for it. This one is very dependent on the book itself, though, so please try me first.
      • LitRPG – Even though I’m a gamer I have no interest in this genre.
      • Trauma heavy fiction – Trauma should never be used as a plot device, and while I am open to reading fiction that discusses trauma with sensitivity (Sarah J. Maas is a great example of this), I am an abuse survivor and do not wish to be triggered by trauma heavy fiction. I ask that you keep this in mind and I welcome any discussions beforehand to ensure that your work is suitable for me to review.
      • Other genres I am not interested in reviewing are: Violence, War Fiction, Terrorism Thriller, Historical, Humor, Family, Contemporary, Anime.


Comics & Graphic Novels

      • Picture Books – Picture books are not the same as comics and graphic novels.
      • Children’s comics/graphic novels – Just like fiction unless it fits into one of the specific themes I mention (i.e. disabled main characters) I will probably turn down a request for it. This one is very dependent on the book itself though, so please try me first. 
      • Anime/Manga – I list anime and manga here because I want to refer to anime as a genre rather than an art style. I am not a fan of anime or manga and have no interest in reviewing works inspired by anime or drawn in the Manga style.
      • Other genres I’m not interested in reviewing are: Gore/violence, War Fiction, Terrorism Thriller, Historical, Humor, Family, Contemporary, Chick Lit, Historical Romance, Romance, Educational, and Crime



      • Anything academic or reference-based.
      • Autobiographies or biographies unless they’re by members of the disabled community
      • Diet or health related
      • Religious or spiritual
      • TTRPG related, game guides or gambling related
      • Humour


Other Materials

I’ve had various requests for various types of materials over the last few months, so to reiterate, I do not review:

      • Fanfiction – I only review published literature.
      • Blog Posts.
      • Research.
      • Journalistic Literature.
      • Screenplays, dramas or anything like them.
      • Poetry of any form.
      • Letters or collections of letters.
      • Individual short stories.
      • Music.
      • Newspapers/Magazines.
      • Encyclopedias/Guides.
      • Cook Books, even if they are pop culture related.
      •  If it’s not listed here I probably still do not review it.

Request a book review

If you are interested in getting your book reviewed please check to see when I will have an opening available by visiting my review schedule. There you can find further details about contacting me to request a book review.

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