Countdown to Shadowlands Day 20 - Three undead characters who have interesting stories
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Hello everyone and welcome to day 20 of my 30 Day World of Warcraft Challenge that is counting down the days to the release of Shadowlands! Every day in November I will be posting about World of Warcraft based on the prompt list below. Today’s prompt is ‘undead’ and I’m sharing with you three undead characters who have interesting stories.

I’d love for you to join me in my countdown to Shadowlands and you can do so in any way you wish. I wanted this to be open to all players whether they be raiders, casual, new to the game or veterans. It’s also completely open to interpretation as to how you respond to the challenge; write it, draw it, vlog it, post it on social media, whatever works for you.

Day 20 – Undead

To be honest I’ve yet to find an undead character who hasn’t got an interesting story. All of them were ripped from their human lives by the scourge and became their worst nightmare, then when they gained free will they were left alone in the world. Sylvanas has done many terrible things but one thing she did do right was uniting the undead under the banner of the Forsaken and giving them a home in the Undercity, helping them find a way to live again. These three characters stand apart from the rest to me as having unique backstories that make for some interesting reading. As a result, each one has become an interesting and prominent character in the World of Warcraft universe.

Countdown to Shadowlands Day 20 - Three undead characters who have interesting stories@ Alonsus Faol

“I have done and been those things you have cited, true. I have also been a mindless minion of the Scourge. But here the only thing that matters is that I am a priest first.”

Before the Storm

Long before he was a member of the undead, was a human priest who diligently served his people and was well-loved for his kindness and generosity. He became a figure of legend for his actions after the First and Second Wars. After the First War, he recognised a need for a holy order who could survive in combat. The previous holy order, Holy Order of Northshire Clerics, had been decimated during the war. Working with Uther the Lightbringer he founded a new order made up of priests who would learn combat and knights who would train in the ways of the Light. These new warriors were the first paladins, and the new order, The Knights of the Silver Hand, proved to be instrumental in helping the Alliance of Lordaeron win the Second War.

After the Second War Alonsus was responsible for much of the rebuilding of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, organising the Church to bring aid to those who needed it most. This included rebuilding Stormwind city and he oversaw the construction of the city’s Cathedral of Light.

When the scourge attacked Lordaeron at the start of the Third War Alonsus was infected and became a mindless member of the scourge. Someone who had given so much to help others was forced to wreak terror across his beloved homeland. It’s unclear what exactly happened when he regained his free will, what we do know is that he never formally joined the Foresaken under Sylvanas’s banner or the Horde. He did stumble upon who recognised him and that was the beginning of their relationship. Alonsus was able to help her recognise that there were two types of undead, ones like himself who were in control of themselves and the mindless horde, the scourge.  She became his pupil and together they went into hiding, deciding it was best if the world thought they were dead.

Whilst in hiding Alonsus worked from the shadows and returned to help form the Conclave when the Burning Legion invaded for the third time. He mentions to the new High Priest of the Conclave that he worked with Moira to stop the Twilight’s Hammer, but nothing else has been revealed about the secret war he has been commanding. Despite his absence and his transformation from human to undead, Alonsus still commands a lot of influence and confidence from others. He proved himself during the invasion and was a valuable asset not just to the Conclave but to the newly re-formed Order of the Silver Hand.

Not everyone has responded well to his return, however, with some people holding on to their old hatreds. In Before the Storm Anduin reunites High Exarch Turalyon and King Genn Greymane with Alonsus in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. It doesn’t go as planned with both men refusing to believe that Alonsus is their friend, initially rejecting him. Genn refuses to accept him and is furious when the old priest tells him that his hatred stems from his fear that if he acknowledges the Forsaken as a people then his son will have died for nothing. Alonsus is able to convince Turalyon by telling the paladin to look inside him at the Light within, and Turalyton cries tears of joy as he accepts a blessing from his old friend. 

Bringing Alonsus back in Legion has allowed us to get to know a great character from lore and I hope that we’ll continue to see more of him in future expansions. While he wasn’t active in Battle for Azeroth he has remained with the Conclave with Anduin asking someone in Elegy to contact the Conclave for help with the night elf refugees, specifically mentioning Alonsus.

Countdown to Shadowlands Day 20 - Three undead characters who have interesting stories: Calia Menethil

“I am not yet ready to rule. But I wish to serve the people of Lordaeron. They are my people, and now I am like them. It feels… right. I’ll learn. And from the archbishop, I’ll learn what it’s like to be… this. To be undead yet walk in the Light.”

Before the Storm

The elder sister of Arthas Menethil, the human prince and paladin who would later become better known as the Lich King, Calia narrowly missed out on an arranged marriage to Deathwing. Of course, he wasn’t going by that name at the time. He was hiding in the human guise of Daval Prestor, an influential human noble, at the time and meddling in affairs. Thankfully – and luckily – for Calia Deathwing’s plans ended up going awry and Daval Prestor mysteriously disappeared.

Calia later found happiness in the arms of someone her father would never approve of; a footman. They kept their relationship hidden and snuck away one night to find a priestess to marry them in secret. Calia only revealed the truth to her mother, Lianne, when she became pregnant, and with Lianne’s help, she successfully hid her pregnancy from everyone. Once her daughter was born it was decided that it would best if she was raised by her father, ignorant of her royal heritage. Lianne promised Calia that once Arthas had married and produced an heir they would bring her family back together, acknowledging her daughter and elevating her husband to nobility.

When Arthas returned from Northrend and murdered their father her entire world was destroyed. She was believed to have died that day along with her father (her mother had died several years before) but she survived although was alone, separated from her husband and her daughter. She had to hide in a muddy ditch for a couple of days to avoid a pack of ghouls who were searching for her. Somehow she survived and set off for Southshore to find her family. 

Her reunion with her family was short, another attack separated them and Calia has never found out what happened to them. Again she survived, and eventually, she came across an undead who wasn’t mindless; Alonsus Foal. Simply by existing, he gave her hope that her family might still be alive, and she clung to that hope for many years.

When Alonsus stepped out of the shadows she went with him, standing beside him as a fellow priest in her own right, no longer a student. As a member of the Conclave, she fought the Burning Legion alongside the High Priest. Afterwards, she met with Anduin Wrynn and both of them found a kindred spirit in the other, the relationship between them growing quickly. She wanted to do more for her people, the people of Lordaeron and proposed a way for members of the Forsaken to be reunited with their human relatives. Anduin, ever eager to find a way towards peace between the two factions, agreed to help her.

Calia did not wish to draw the ire of Sylvanas Windrunner, who had by some miracle, agreed to a Gathering between the Forsaken and their human relatives. She took care to attend the Gathering in hooded attire that obstructed her features and very few knew she was even attending. Unfortunately, someone did recognise her and the Forsaken Parqual Fintallas took it as a sign to defect. When he and his human daughter started to walk towards the Alliance side of the field Calia decided to unveil herself and tried to persuade other Forsaken to follow Parqual’s example. Seeing Calia as a threat not just to her reign but to her people’s way of life Sylvanas ordered her dark rangers to kill any Forsaken on the field, including those who were running back towards their own people. She then mounted her own bat and hunted Calia down, murdering her personally.

Her body was returned to the Netherlight Temple, the home of the Conclave and there it was discovered that her body was not decomposing. The naaru Saa’ra had previously counselled Calia who had been having nightmares and told her that the nightmares would stop when she was ready, however, there were things she needed to do before she found peace. The naaru had warned her that her trials might involve pain and blood. It was Saa’ru that watched over Calia in death and told Alonsus to wait for Anduin. Only after his arrival did she say that Calia had done the things she had to do and would be free from the pain and nightmares. Saa’ru explained that Anduin and Alonsus as a human and undead priest respectively represented the light and the dark. Together they could bring Calia back “as the Light and she herself would have her be” and with the naaru’s guidance, they used the Light to resurrect her.

Unlike other undead, Calia had been raised by the Light and is known as an undead touched by the Light. At the end of Before the Storm, she explains to Anduin that she is going to fight for her people, referring to Sylvanas as a usurper and she is devastated that her actions lead to the death of so many of her people. She tells him that she is not ready to lead and instead intends to learn from Alonsus how to be an undead walking in the Light.

The next time we see Calia is in-game at the end of the Fourth War when she has been helping Derek Proudmoore come to terms with his new life as a member of the undead. In the wake of Sylvanas’ duel with Saurfang and her disappearance, the two of them have been helping other newly turned undead who have been resurrected and abandoned by Sylvanas. They hope to guide them through the start of their new lives and show them that they can have a future that isn’t filled with hate.

At some point between the end of the Fourth War and the new Scourge invasion, Calia formerly joined the Horde and became a counsellor to the Forsaken. She is currently offering her aid in the new invasion and I suspect we will see much more of her in Shadowlands. Her story is just beginning. 

Countdown to Shadowlands Day 20 - Three undead characters who have interesting stories: Lilian Voss

Lilian Voss

To be raised into undeath is to be forever haunted by the ghosts of your past. A caring hand can offer comfort through the pain.” 

Like the previous two characters I’ve spoken about Lilian had an eventful life before she was turned.  In life, Lilian was a member of the Scarlet Crusade, a zealous religious order believing in purity above all else. That purity didn’t just extend to the scourge, it included anyone who was not human. They are essentially the bigots of the World of Warcraft universe. So becoming a member of the scourge is their worst nightmare, so Lilian did not take becoming an undead well and when she got her free will back she was in complete denial of what she had become.

She ran away from the Forsaken who tried to help her, claiming her father would save her. Lilian ended up being captured by the Scarlet Crusade and she was informed that her father, a High Priest in the organisation, had disowned her and had ordered her immediate execution. Enraged by the news Lilian forced her way through the bars of her cage, causing her body to ignite in flames and killed the Crusader, a former friend, who had brought her the news.

That was just the start of Lilian’s massacre, and all across the {laguelands bodies of Scarlet Crusaders told the tale of where Lilian had been. Years later adventurers met her again in one of the last strongholds of the Scarlet Crusade, the Scarlet Monastery. There she hid her true identity under the guise of the Hooded Crusader and directed adventurers to find the Blades of the Anointed. It’s the only weapon capable of stopping High Inquisitor Whitemane, a high ranking member of the Crusade and she tasks them with doing just that. Once they’ve completed the quest she reveals her identity and takes the blades from them. 

Her vengeance continued in Scholomance where she turned it against the scourge necromancers who brought people like her back from the dead. There she hunted down the school’s headmaster Darkmaster Gandling only to end up being caught by her prey. He didn’t kill her outright, instead using dark to manipulate her and turn her against anyone else who entered Scholmance. He made her fight and kill for him until a group of adventurers managed to defeat her in combat breaking his hold on her. Begging to be left alone to die, the adventurers followed Gandling further into Scholomance and defeated him.

However, Lilian did not die of her wounds and would pop up from time to time with quests for adventurers. Her thirst for vengeance had been quenched and she began to find her purposes in life. First as a member of the Uncrowned during the Burning Legion’s invasion, and then later as a member of the Horde’s War campaign. Her services had been “requested” and recognising that Sylvanas was going to raise more undead Lilian wanted to be on hand to help the new Forsaken come to terms with their new life. No one had been there for her and now Lilian had the power and ability to be that someone for others. As Nathanos rose several Alliance heroes from the dead for his Mistress’ plans, Lilian was on hand to help them.

When Sylvanas raised Derek Proudmoore from the dead Lilian was not surprised or horrified, however, she Sylvanas’ plan to relieve Derek of his free will gave her pause. That was what made them different from the scourge, after all, and she wondered if Sylvanas realised that any more. After the Fourth War had been concluded Lilian felt remorse for her part in what had happened to Derek. She approached him and Calia, apologising and asking for their help with the new Forsaken raised and subsequently abandoned by Sylvanas.

She has also become the Forsaken representative on the new Horde council, a far cry from her origins as a member of the Scarlet Crusade and then an undead who couldn’t accept who or what they had become. Like Calia, Lilian’s story is just beginning and I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t play an active role in Shadowlands.

Over to You

I really enjoyed talking about these three undead characters today. Every single one of them has such interesting stories, and they all feel like their stories are just beginning. Two of them have only just recently been introduced into the game and the third, Lilian, is finally getting a chance to shine rather than be a random quest giver. I can’t wait to see where their stories go from here!

How about you; who is your favourite undead character?

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Next up tomorrow is a prompt that I’m really excited about! It’s the first of the allied race prompts and I’m a big fan of all the new races. Also, those races have been prominent in the most recent expansions so they’re also at the forefront of my mind too. I’m looking forward to sharing with you characters that I’ve just met and fallen in love with! Find out who the Alliance ones are tomorrow 🙂

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Countdown to Shadowlands Day 20 - Three undead characters who have interesting stories: Join me for Day 20 as I talk about the final Horde race and share with you three undead characters from World of Warcraft who have interesting stories.

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