Countdown to Shadowlands Day 15 - Three Night Elves that caught my attention
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Hello everyone and welcome to day 15 of my 30 Day World of Warcraft Challenge that is counting down the days to the release of Shadowlands! Every day in November I will be posting about World of Warcraft based on the prompt list below. Today’s prompt is ‘night elf’ and I’m discussing the night elves that caught my attention.

I’d love for you to join me in my countdown to Shadowlands and you can do so in any way you wish. I wanted this challenge to be open to all players whether they be raiders, casual, new to the game or veterans. It’s also completely open to interpretation as to how you respond to the challenge; write it, draw it, vlog it, post it on social media, whatever works for you.

Day 15 – Night Elf

I’m officially halfway through my challenge and today also marks the final Alliance race and it also happens to be my favourite one. I have always been drawn to night elves since I started playing the game, and unsurprisingly my first character was a night elf. I’m still playing her today 🙂 Everything about them connects with me on some level, whether it’s their architecture, spirituality, magic, culture, or aesthetics.

I had so many names for this post, starting with Malfurion who blew me away in the War of the Ancients trilogy and then again in Stormrage. If I included him, how could I not include the other Stormrage brother who’s own story is equally marvellous? If you’ve not read Illidan then I highly recommend it. One thing I knew for sure was their companion Tyrande would not be joining them. There were comments she made in Wolfheart and then in War Crimes which offered a glance at the deep prejudicial beliefs she later revealed when the Nightborne sought help from the Horde and the Alliance.

While I was puzzling over these characters and others I realised that the problem with night elves is that they have such long lives that so many of them have such great stories. So like with humans yesterday I switched tactics and thought about which characters stuck out to me and why. Here are three night elf characters who have caught my attention in one way and another. Let me tell you a bit about them 😉

Countdown to Shadowlands Day 15 - Three Night Elves that caught my attention: Broll Bearmantle

“These mean nothing!” Broll bitterly shouted back, indicating his great antlers. “I’m not like you, Shan’do!”


Broll was born with antlers, an extremely rare gift from nature that signifies a being is going to do great things in their life. For Broll those great things took a long time to manifest, leaving him with feelings of doubt and to feel that he was undeserving of the gift. Especially when he was gifted with an idol crafted by the great Remulos himself, an idol which in turn was connected to a green dragon. Who was he to deserve such gifts when he had done nothing to warrant it?

The answer came eventually when after many centuries of waiting Broll’s time came and he saved the life of not only his Shan’do, Malfurion Stormrage but also that of High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind. Many would have argued that the powerful druid had proved himself many times over before then, after all, he had been by Varian Wrynn’s side when he found his identity and reclaimed his throne from the machinations of the black dragon Onyxia.

It was as Varian’s companion in the World of Warcraft comics that Broll initially caught my attention. Not only was it great to see a druid in action, and boy, did he see some action. He was also kind to the blood elf Valera despite the differences and history between their races. He too had fallen to fel addiction in the past and he helped Valera through hers with kindness and understanding. She certainly didn’t make it easy for him and nevertheless, he persisted. The three former gladiators formed a strong bond that has now transferred to Varian’s son.

We didn’t see much of Broll in as he was with the rest of Cenarion Circle and the Earthern Ring in Silithus working to save Azeroth. Considering the events of Shadowlands, and what has just happened in the pre-patch I wonder if we will see him take a more active role alongside Valera to fight the Jailer and Sylvanas.

Countdown to Shadowlands Day 15 - Three Night Elves that caught my attention: Thisalee Crow

Thisalee Crow

“We Druids of the Talon aren’t cut out for front-line duty. We’re aerial spies, infiltrators…But occasionally I like to get my talons dirt.”

Before the Storm

I’m not sure how to put into words what I felt when I first met Thisalee Crow. I just fell in love with her. She made me laugh, she made me want to fight by her side, and when I did the druid flight form “mount” quest in legion I cried along with her. She can be completely reckless, always doing things her own way and it’s usually in a very unique way. She has a way of noticing things and people that go unnoticed or slip through the cracks, for example, the on the Broken Shore.

Thisalee caught my attention with her quirkiness and stayed in my heart with her generosity and fighting spirit. She was there to fight for her people in and I’m sure she won’t be far from the fight in Shadowlands either.

Countdown to Shadowlands Day 15 - Three Night Elves that caught my attention: Pained


“I do not care if they are green, brown, gray, or orange; as long as they are attacking my lady’s home, I shall slay them.” 

Tides of War

Originally assigned as Jaina Proudmoore’s bodyguard at the Battle for Mount Hyjal by Tyrande Whisperwind, Pained continued on in the role despite Jaina’s insistence that there was no need. The only response she ever gave Jaina was that the High Priestess had never officially relieved her from duty. That was the official line and Pained was sticking to it, although it was clear to everyone that she stayed with Jaina out of loyalty and possibly even friendship.

Not much is know about Pained’s past or even why she goes by the name Pained rather than a usual night elf name. In Wolfheart it’s mentioned that her past includes a traumatic event with dark magi which left her with physical and mental scars. Despite this, she seemed able to to be around while working with Jaina, and although it took her a while to get used to Jaina’s young apprentice Kinndy Sparkshine, it was the gnome’s perky attitude rather than her that got under Pained’s skin. The two became firm friends once they got used to each other, with Pained inquiring as to why Kinndy was so perky all the time and being surprised by the thoughtful answer she got in response. 

In game, Pained is a silent NPC who stands by Jaina and does nothing, whereas in Tides of War Christie Golden gave her a voice and personality which only added to the sadness of her death at the Battle of Theramore. It is something that was much overdue though and I’m to Christie for doing so because it’s what brought Pained to my attention. Pained doesn’t always say the right thing, she has a strong dislike of the Horde like many of her kind and gets many stern looks from Jaina for her comments. Yet her loyalty is never in doubt and while I love Jaina, prior to the loss of Theramore she needed someone like Pained to say and think the harsh thoughts. To see the darkness in everyone and be prepared for people stabbing her in the back. Pained didn’t just protect Jaina’s she also protected her naivety, and big heart. 

Over to You

Thank you for all about these three special night elves!

How about you; who is your favourite night elf?

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Next up tomorrow I get to start delving into the Horde races and first up are orcs. See you tomorrow!

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Countdown to Shadowlands Day 15 - Three Night Elves that caught my attention: I'm halfway through my 30 day World of Warcraft challenge counting down to shadowlands and it's time to talk about my favourite race; night elves!

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