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The more information you can provide about the opportunity and why you would like to with Just Geeking By, the better! However, please keep your information succinct and on topic.

Please Note

I am a disabled blogger and this means that my health conditions play a big part in when I can get posts completed. I work best with a month or more to get things together, so short term deadlines like one week are quite difficult for me. This is something that can be discussed if you have an idea for a product that you think really suits my blog and audience so please talk to me about it first.


Currently not accepting

Due to having several in my review schedule at present I am currently not accepting any more books to review until January 2020. Please do NOT submit an application for a book review in the meantime as I will not be maintaining a waiting list. Should the circumstances change I will post an announcement on Twitter so please follow me there if you are interested in a book review.

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