Here at Just Geeking by I accept content sponsored by brands in two formats; content created by myself featuring company keywords and links or articles written by a third party. Please be aware that sponsored posts are not a free way to advertise your business. Any sponsored content that is placed on this blog should be seen as a lasting advertisement investment. You would not expect a newspaper to place an advert up for your business for free, would you? A blog is a piece of real estate that caters to repeat visitors, with old content being regularly promoted and seen by new readers.

Third-Party Article/Sponsored Content Policy

If you have a sponsor opportunity you think that would interest me that is great! Before contacting me please read through and be aware of the following points:

  • I openly disclose all sponsored content.
  • I do not accept opportunities that require do-follow links. This includes any with an additional paid incentive to do so as this is considered a link scheme.
  • I require compensation in return for sponsored content and you can find my prices listed here.
  • I will only agree to post a sponsored content if terms have been agreed by both parties. Submitting a request does not automatically confirm my consent; it just means I am reviewing the opportunity.
  • I may require more information about a request and will contact you using the e-mail address submitted. If you fail to reply then I have the right to delay or deny your request.
  • If there is a delay in posting content I will notify the requester as soon as possible – while I try my best to schedule things so this does not happen, I am a disabled blogger and cannot always control my circumstances. This is stipulated in all contracts for working with me.

Suitable Content

The ideal sponsored content for Just Geeking By would be any that falls under the three main tenants of the blog; geeky, beauty and disability. Note that I’ve specifically said disability and not health; I’m not interested in promoting the newest fad, CBD oil or diet supplement. The best way thing to do is to take a browse of my blog especially the About section and if you’re in doubt have a chat with me first – I’m much more likely to work with you if you take the time to get to know me and talk to me rather than just assume that me and my readers are interested in your product.

In regards to please note that I’m a plus sized woman so if you don’t go over a UK size 14 then honestly, there is no point in us having a conversation.

Things I absolutely will not feature here on Just Geeking By include; cigarettes, vaping, alcohol, gambling, finances, loans.

Completed Sponsored Content

Here are examples of previously completed sponsored content:

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