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Here at Just Geeking By I offer a range of services including product reviews, sponsor posts and advertising. If you would like to with me you can find more information by clicking here and you can also read more about this blogs mission statement by checking out my media kit. Below is a list of prices depending on the type of collaboration you have in mind. I am open to negotiating prices, within reason.

If you have questions please check my FAQ.

Review Packages & Rates

All my reviews are an honest appraisal of your product/s written in my own words and adhering to my review policy.


Book Reviews

I know how hard writers and the importance of reviews for them. For book reviews, I only ask for a copy of the book to be provided in either e-book or paperback format. Examples: Book Reviews list.

£5 per item

Product featured in a Guide

I regularly post product guides and offer the option to have a product added to a guide. Includes: 1 chosen product, 1 image provided, 1-2 keywords. Examples: Zodiac Series, Birthstone Series, 10 Things series.

1 item – £40

Standard Review

Includes: 700 – 1000 words, up to 6 photos, 1 initial share to Facebook & Twitter. Example: CareCo Exercise Band.

1 item – £70

Extended Review

Includes: 1,500-2,000 words, up to 10 photos, 1 initial share to Facebook and Twitter. Example: Butler & Grace Engraved ID Bracelet.

£20 per item

Multi-Product Review

Designed for multiple products in the same range; this is not the same as a “round-up” post. Includes: 300-500 words per item, 1 photo of all the items together, 1 photo per individual product, 1 initial share to Facebook and Twitter. Examples: Divine Hag Aromatherapy Sprays  /  Amphora Aromatics Student Survival Kit


Subscription Box Review

Includes: Unboxing video to be shared on youtube, 700-1000 words, 2 of the full box, 2 photos per item, 1 initial share to Facebook and Twitter.


Mobile Game Review

IOS or Android. Includes: 500-700 words, 3 screenshots, 1 initial share to Facebook and Twitter.


Video Game Review

PC Games. Includes: 500 – 1000 words, a 5-minute gameplay video, up to 6 screenshots, 1 initial share to Facebook and Twitter.


Extended Video/Mobile Game Review 

This review contains all the content of a standard game review but includes more in-depth game analysis which requires more time dedicated to playing the game. The price is dependent on the content of the final review; £80 is the baseline cost. Please contact me to discuss your preferences. Includes: 1000 + word count, 5 minute customised video with walkthrough and voice over, the possibility for longer videos and/or more than one, screenshot gallery. Examples available on my youtube channel.

Review Prices Additional Options

You can choose to add the following additional options to a review for an extra price. Please note that prices are for 1 action only:

  • Post on Facebook – £10
  • Video on Facebook – £20
  • Facebook story (Photo or Video) – £15
  • Tweet – £15
  • Photo on Instagram – £10
  • Video on Instagram – £20
  • Instagram story (Photo or Video) – £15
  • Pinterest – £25
  • 3-5 minute video without voice over – £10
  • 3-5 minute video with voice over – £25
  • video – £30 +

Sponsor Packages & Rates

I offer three different sponsored post packages; two written in my own words featuring your theme, keywords and links to your company and products and one for articles written by a 3rd party. All sponsored posts, whether written by myself or a 3rd party must adhere to my sponsored post policy.

Please note

  1. Under no circumstances will I include do-follow links so please do not ask.
  2. I do not consider a sponsored post to be the same as a guest post.

Standard Sponsored Post

Includes: 700 – 1000 words, up to 5 specified keywords, up to 5 specified product links, up to 6 images specified by you or produced/sourced by myself.


Extended Sponsored Post

Includes: 1,000 – 2000 words, up to 10 specified keywords, up to 10 specified product links, up to 15 images specified by you or produced/sourced by myself.  Example: My Jewellery Box: Treasuring the Memories with


3rd Party Articles

A sponsored post that has been written and provided by your company. I will only be accepting content that aligns with the mission statement of Just Geeking By and will be of interest to my audience. Nor will I accept content from companies with dubious moral codes, or strong religious or political ties.

Event Coverage Pricing Information

I am available for coverage, including promotion leading up to the event. I am located in Glasgow, Scotland, with access to a car so I am willing to travel if the event appeals to me and my audience. Tickets and media passes will need to be provided for two people; myself and my partner who will provide professional photography. Please be aware that depending on the distance of travel compensation for travel expenses may be required. As fees for coverage vary depending on several factors I have no set fee so please contact me to negotiate a price.

Events I am interested in covering:

  • Geek/Fan conventions
  • Gaming Conventions
  • Book Events
  • Stationery Events
  • Health/Disability Events

Please note: I supporting small and local events so no matter your budget please do contact me, and we’ll something out! ♥️

Other Ideas for working with me

Do you have another idea for working with me that’s not listed here? No problem! Pop me a message and we’ll see what we can out.

If you have a small budget and would like to with me then consider taking part in one of my interviews! They’re free and a great way to promote your business or store.

Image Credits: Unsplash.

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