Guest Posts

A guest post is as simple as it sounds; you write a post as a guest for someone else’s blog. You don’t necessarily need to have an active blog of your own so it’s great for someone who wants to give a try, doesn’t have time to maintain a full time blog or is currently on hiatus from their own blog and wants to keep their skills sharp. For active bloggers it’s a fantastic chance to network and help grown your audience as it gives a different audience a sneak peek into your world and leaves a trail of bread crumbs back to your own blog.

Each blogger will have their own requirements for guest so be sure to check those for each blog. Here at Just Geeking By I’m quite lenient; the floor is open to anyone who might be interested. I’m open to ideas, however, keep in mind that your post needs to be something my audience will be interested in. So if you’re a travel blogger, for example, this isn’t the best blog for you. The most important part of this process for me is being open with one another and discussing your idea. I will also need to have the final say on whatever you plan to post.

Please note: I consider guest posting and sponsored content to be two separate entities. The focus of a guest post is the content, the writing, the ; if you are looking to advertise a site, brand or company then you are expected to pay for that privilege. This is considered sponsored content.

Any sneaky applications (and yes there have been quite a few) trying to pass off as guest posts will be prompted deleted without the courtesy of a response.

Ideas List

Here are a few ideas I had. If you have an idea that spins off from any of these then feel free to run it by me! Also, guys please don’t be put off by the girlie banner or the fact that my posts are usually female oriented. I’d love to see some male geek oriented content! I just simply do not have the time and energy to devote to everything.

  • Casual Cosplay Ideas
  • Cosplay related posts
  • Make Up Ideas
  • Make Up Products
  • Female Fashion related posts
  • Male Fashion related posts
  • New Video Games due out this Christmas
  • Pagan Fashion
  • Pagan Gift Guides
  • Gift Guide
  • Featuring Art/Fan Art (Artists permission must be retrieved first)
  • Animal/Pet Related
  • in Books / Films / Tv Shows / Video Games
  • Playing Video Games with Physical or Mental Health Conditions



Please complete the form below if interested. If you would like to talk to me before doing so you can find me on twitter @justgeekingby 🙂

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