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This page is for providing answers to any questions you may have to working with me here at Just Geeking By. If you have a question that is not listed here please leave a comment or contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept gifted opportunities?

No, I no longer accepted gifted opportunities.


Why do you no longer accept gifted opportunities?

Gifted opportunities are easy to come by, and while they have led to some great opportunities for me I feel the time has come for me to realise my own worth and be compensated accordingly.

Why should I pay you? You’re getting the product for free after all! And other do it for free!

Every blogger offers something different, so it isn’t fair to compare bloggers. We each have our own style, our own ways of reviewing and we also have our own audiences. One blogger may be able to offer you a review for free, however, you won’t be getting access to the same service. And that is exactly what you are paying for when you pay for a review; a service. It takes time to quality test a product, to find it’s strengths and weaknesses, and assemble these into a written document. The total cost of a review is therefore the hours of work it takes to test and review the product including additional additional tasks such as the photography and photo editing.

Finally each of my review packages includes free promotion for the completed review, which is free advertising for your product. As I automatically share all my blog posts to my social media accounts I do not add an additional charge for this to my review price packages. I do offer further social media promotion as additional options if this is something you wish to consider.

I think your prices are wrong; they should be higher/lower.

You are welcome to your opinion, however, my price guidelines were put together after considerable thought and research. I am happy with them at the moment.

Why do you only offer free reviews for books? Other small businesses struggle as well.

In the book world it is considered rude to ask for payment for books to review due to the nature of the publishing business. That is one thing that led me to make that decision. I’m also an aspiring writer myself, and I have several friends who are independent so I’m really aware of just how much work they put into publicising a book. Authors really don’t make as much money as people think, and a lot of the work they have to do themselves especially if they’re independent (indie) authors who self-publish. I’m just helping out where I can 🙂


Hey, I’d love to work with you but I have no budget!

I really appreciate you thinking of me, and I understand what it’s like to run with a small budget because basically that is what I’m doing! I wouldn’t expect you to work for free so it’s not really fair for you to ask me to do the same. This blog is my business and I can no longer just give my time up for free. I do offer interviews which give you a chance to promote your business, but otherwise I’m sorry but no freebies.

Got a Question?

Please do not hesitate to ask 🙂 Just drop me a comment here or fill out my contact form.

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