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Thanks to the generosity of Hayley of Mrs B’s Hive, I’m able to bring you a second giveaway for GeekDis! She has given me a £10 voucher for her wonderful small business which offers products and gifts for disabled people. Hayley herself has severe endometriosis and as a result has had to prepare for quite a few surgeries in her time. She’s funnelled on her of how best to prepare for surgery into Mrs B’s Hive which offers and Handbags and a wide range of other gifts that benefit people with chronic illnesses.

I’m going to tell you a bit more about some of those products and show you some of my favourites!

Hospital Bags & Handbags

When I was thirteen, I ended up in hospital for my birthday, and I would have loved to have had one of Mrs B’s hospital gifts given to me as a gift. Her “build a bag” set up is so simple to use and if you’re not sure what to put in it, you can rely on her experience and pick one of her ready-made bags instead.

You can tell that Hayley has put a lot of and thought into this from just looking at the range of bags available:

What I about the selection of bags available is that there is something for everyone. I know these are all ladies handbags, and that’s because the one I was going to highlight that’s perfect for people who just want a bag that does the job without any fuss (perfect for men like my dad!) is completely sold out! But I wanted to emphasise that Hayley doesn’t just cater to female customers.

Here you have a variety of styles for all ages. From top to bottom:

Once you’ve picked out a bag, it’s onto the fun part…

Filling your bag!

As I said, Hayley has some great pre-made packages if you’re not sure. Choose from things like; Toiletry essentials, New Baby Hamper, Ready Made Mama & Baby Hospital Bag, Ready Made and Filled Hospital Day Bag or a Care Package for Children or Adults! There is even a “thank you NHS” package, which I think is a fantastic idea (not just because they totally deserve it) but because it is so hard to know what to get the people who have helped you through some of the most stressful times in your life.

If you prefer to fill it yourself, there is so much to choose from! Normally I find that when people offer any sort of service with a selection of products, it ends up being very niche and only appeals to one type of person. As a geek, I tend to find I’m really not that person. Again, Hayley has put so much thought into this and there is something for everyone.

There are books, notebooks, toiletry bits and bobs, nightwear, chocolate (<3), hot drinks, small bags for medicine or toiletries, and practical things that only someone with a chronic illnesses would to include; dry shampoo (this is a lifesaver), warm socks (including thermal ones), hot water bottles and a thermal wrap, and tiger balm.

Win a £10 gift card for Mrs B’s Hive with #GeekDis! - Win a £10 voucher for Mrs B's Hive, a small business that offers products designed for people with chronic illnesses with GeekDis! null

Birthday Bags & Boxes

Remember that trip to the hospital for my 13th birthday I mentioned? Mrs B’s hive has you covered!

Win a £10 gift card for Mrs B's Hive with #GeekDis! [Closed]

Hayley has a huge range of gifts available as well, and among them are her excellent range of birthday bags and boxes that start at age 3+ and go up to 13. You get to choose a specific gender or gender-neutral which is fantastic to see. Being in the hospital as a kid is one of the worst experiences, and when it’s your birthday it just makes you even more miserable. It also affects a child’s mental health, and when your mental suffers so does your physical health, so receiving one of these boxes goes a long way to helping young people heal too.

Hayley also just announced on her Instagram that she has a brand-new aromatherapy range as well! See the announcement below for more details:


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  22. Petite Lilac Soap Flowers Basket

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  24. Petite Lilac Soap Flowers Basket

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  27. dove weekend bag

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  38. Dove weekend bag

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